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Mr Richard Whiffin
Idleigh Court Road
DA13 0JR
England UK

About Engenias Ltd

The Engenias group is unique in providing innovative, large-scale shaping solutions for some of the world’s most complex and technically demanding industries. From aerospace to Formula One. From Marine and Automotive Engineering to Building and Construction.

We offer a bespoke customer focused technical consultancy service, so we are equally at home with an individual assignment as we are with the delivery of a ‘turnkey’ solution involving total project management from concept to reality.

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The Reliable Source
Not satisfied with being technically innovative and fast-reacting, we know you need us to excel in both reliability and efficiency whilst also delivering a consistently high quality product in your specified turn around time. That’s why we work in association with industry-leading European suppliers who have worked closely with us on the development of our many cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Therefore we have outstanding working relationships with them all, meaning you can rely on us to deliver exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. We are skilled in dealing with suppliers and customers at every level, from the small, independent SME to the largest multi-national - including Ford, Siemens, Honda and the Chinese Government - you can be sure we have the ability to co-ordinate and communicate simultaneously throughout many different industries and disciplines. All of which helps keep your project on the track to success.

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Our Solutions
We design and produce large-scale CNC-machined components in ways previously thought unthinkable, and to impossibly tight time scales.
We can also offer a complete project planning and management service, ensuring your project is effortlessly delivered on specification, on budget, and in record time.

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Project Management
  • Total planning and management service

  • Massively reduced production time scales

Depending on your in-house resources and the level of technical support required, we can take the weight off your shoulders by offering a total planning and management program that smoothes out the administration of the complex technical communications, budget control and scheduling procedures to make sure your project flows seamlessly through concept, design, prototyping and final manufacturing stages.

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Engenias have a proud history of delivering large-scale, complex projects in previously impossible timeframes. Our passionate and pioneering team have developed unique and innovative solutions for highly demanding industries over 35 years.
  • Led by Richard Whiffin

  • 35 years of experience

  • Record-breaking track record

  • Consistently exceeding expectations

Richard is now widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading specialists, having pioneered advanced materials and manufacturing techniques for composite tooling of all kinds, but with a unique level of experience in the design and application of CNC machining to unusually large components - plugs, moulds, models, patterns and prototypes - in a variety of materials.

In our world, unusually large can mean anything from a 70-foot boat hull to a half-mile road bridge!

We can do ‘small’ too. Meaning that we often deliver moulding and turnkey engineering solutions for more modestly sized projects - from high tech aeroplane and helicopter components to bullet-proof body armour - for serious players in the aerospace and defence industries.

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  • First ‘outsourced’ supplier of CNC-machined models to the F1 community.

  • First large CNC-machined plugs and GRP moulds supplied for boatbuilding.

  • First successful production and deployment of resin plastic injection mould tools for low volume prototype production.

  • First successful use of Ureal paste outside of the boat industry for large boatbuilding plugs and moulds.

  • First use of CAD design in the development of the production cycle to produce a mould/component design combined with a steel sub-structure.

  • This has been used for either holding the mould during production or stabilizing the component during use, thereby reducing the lead time by as much as four weeks in a 14 week cycle.
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