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68 Barkston House
Croydon Street
West Yorkshire
LS11 9RT
England UK

About Avalon Certification

Confidence & Prestige
Avalon Certification provides certification services aimed at assessing an organisations ability to meet the requirements of the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 2008. With sound ethical values and a company philosophy based upon integrity and impartiality we provide certification services which are:
  • Efficient

  • Effective

  • Responsible

  • To The highest standard

We aim to deliver excellence in all areas of our activities through our team of dedicated, experienced, motivated and dynamic auditors, who have a vast understanding of business, industry and commerce on a global level.

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Avalon ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certificates are a highly prestigious and a true mark of quality. They are accepted worldwide and are seen as the ultimate award. Avalon is renowned for high standards, traditional values and dynamic auditing. We are competitive on costs, unbeatable on service and unequalled on knowledge.

Impartiality Statement

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is a world wide management standard and is suitable for any organisation looking to improve the way it operates, regardless of its size or the type of business. It can provide many benefits including Consistency, Accountability, increased Efficiency, Fewer Problems. It also provides evidence to others that you are operating to a certain standard and by undergoing an independent (third party audit) you can provide your customers with the evidence they require to have assurance in the quality of products / services you supply. It can gain you access to new markets and increase your business turnover.

PAS 43
This Publicly Available Specification PAS 43 contains the requirements for the management of road recovery operators with the aim of improving health and safety and promoting best practice. It sets out the minimum standards for recovery operators and is intended to secure the health and safety of road recovery operator technicians and road users. It promotes best practice procedures for attending vehicle breakdowns at the roadside, the recovery and/or removal of vehicles from the roadside, the type, maintenance and safety marking of road recovery vehicles and equipment, the training and behavior of road recovery technicians, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by road recovery technicians, the maintenance and organization of road recovery operators premises, the effective implementation and maintenance of standardoperating procedures.

PAS 80
PAS 80 is the standard for garages and service centers (including fast-fit outlets) that carry out servicing and repairs of automotive vehicles. Customers need confidence in the garage they are dealing with and nowadays generally have higher expectations. In a recent survey 63% of garages surveyed reported an increase in sales and 100% of garages believe they made the right decision by becoming PAS 80 certified.
PAS 80 is different because it works for both the customer and the operator. The customer benefits from receiving a better service, the operator benefits from enhanced reputation, increased sales and attracting new business. We have worked in all areas of the industry for many years including garages, service centres, repair centres, refinishing centres and vehicle recovery. We understand the business and everything that goes with it. Our company philosophy reflects this and that is why we provide a cost effective, efficient and professional certification service.

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