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Cadisch Precision Meshes

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+44 (0)20 8492 0333
Unit 2 The IO Centre
Hearle Way
AL10 9EW
England UK

About Cadisch Precision Meshes

About Cadisch Precision Meshes
Cadisch Precision Meshes Limited was founded in 1883 and has been owned and managed successfully by four generations of the Cadisch family. We have held three Royal Warrants of Appointment and export our products throughout the world.

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Woven Wire Mesh
Sometimes known as wire gauze or wirecloth – is an extremely versatile material suitable for many sieving, straining and filtering applications. It is woven to fine limits and can be used to separate out particles of a given size. We are specialist suppliers of woven wire mesh, carry very large stocks, in a variety of different metals, and can offer a rapid and efficient service.

Stainless Steel - withstands temperatures up to 800° C. By far the most popular where strength and durability are of prime importance. All standard meshes are stocked in Type 304 quality, and many are also available in Type 316 which is more resistant to corrosion. Certain other qualities obtainable to special order. Range: 2-500 mesh and Hollanders.

Plain Steel - a low price material for use where corrosion resistance is not important. Mostly supplied plain, but certain meshes also available galvanised (zinc coated). Range: 2-80 mesh.

Monel - an alloy of nickel and copper (70/30 approx.) which combines strength with excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, sea water, etc. Range: 20-250 mesh and Hollanders.

Phosphor Bronze - an alloy of copper and tin which is strong and durable and will resist diluted acids and alkalis. Easily soldered. Range: 30-200 mesh.

Brass And Copper - brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is harder but more subject to corrosion. Copper is less corrodible but, because of its softness, should not be used with abrasive substances. Both are easily soldered. Range: 4-100 mesh.

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Mesh Count - The number of apertures or wires in a linear inch. Most meshes are square woven and will have the same count in both warp and weft.

Warp - The wires running lengthwise in the mesh.

Weft (or shute) - The wires running transversely across the mesh.

Open (or free) area - The proportion of aperture expressed as a percentage of the whole area.

Selvedge - The finished edge formed by looped weft wires at either side of the cloth. Some modern shuttleless looms do not produce a looped selvedge.

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Perforated Plates
Perforated plate is manufactured by cold punching sheets of metal with an arrangement of holes of any shape and size in various patterns. There is a large variety and we only stock the more popular specifications although others are available to special order. Perforated metals are used in a vast number of industries for sorting and screening any material from sugar and spice to sand and gravel. They are used extensively in heating and ventilating installations where they combine the practical with the ornamental.

C-5mm, U-7.5mm C-8mm, U-12mm C-10mm, U-12mm C-15mm, U-20mm R-0.5mm, T-1.25mm R-1mm, T-2mm
R-1.5mm, T-3mm R-2mm, T-3mm R-3mm, T-5mm

Filters And Strainers
We can produce filters and strainers, incorporating woven wire mesh as the filter medium, to your own specifications. These are generally of welded or soldered construction.

Extruder Screens
We specialise in the manufacture of screens for all types of plastic extruder and screen-changer. These can be in the form of plain discs or washers, multiple screenpacks of spot-welded construction or bound with aluminium or copper rims, multilayer tubes or specially profiled screens. They are produced on highspeed automatic presses and supplied in convenient consumer packs. Autoscreening rolls are also available - please ask us for details.

Made-up Screens And Screen Recovering
We produce screens suitable for use on vibratory and other screening plant. These are normally fitted with hookstrips, eyelets or other special edging to enable them to be tensioned, or are bonded to a frame. We offer a rapid turnaround on recovering any screen from our extensive range of meshes.

Expanded Metal
Expanded metal is an economical alternative to woven meshes and perforated sheet. The panel starts life in coil form and then has slits cut into it. Once this has taken place the coil is cut to the required length and the edges of the sheet are pulled, allowing the slits to expand to create a diamond, square or hexagonal aperture. Applications are broad ranging from fencing panels, balustrades and ceiling tiles to a support mesh filter fabrication.

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