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About Herpetosure Invasive Solutions

Japanese Knotweed and Invasive Weed Solutions
Herpetosure Invasive Solutions Ltd – A Herpetosure Group Company

Herpetosure Invasive Solutions Ltd are part of the Herpetosure Group – The Intergrated Ecological and Invasive Weed Solutions Provider. Herpetosure Invasive Solutions specialise in the provision of high speed, cost effective and guaranteed eradication programmes for Japanese knotweed and all invasive weed species.

What’s your problem?
''The successful eradication of Japanese knotweed and invasive weeds relies solely on involving the right specialist contractor, and should start with understanding the problem you and your business are up against. The Herpetosure team is made up of some of the UK’s leading invasive weed specialists, who bring years of experience in the delivery of land parcels that are invasive weed free. Whatever the time scale, weed species and site location, Herpetosure can devise and deliver an eradication programme that meets all requirements, guaranteed!''
… George Westropp, Managing Director

Japanese Knotweed Eradication
H.I.S specialise in the one season eradication of the UK’s most common invasive weed. Our Japanese knotweed specialists can develope and deliver ‘in situ’ herbicidal Japanese knotweed treatment programmes as well as devising and implementing more instant Japanese knotweed removal. Our innovative knotweed eradication techniques balance project time scales with costs; an example is seen in our ability to reduce the amount of material removed from site – our specialist soil screening techniques isolate contaminated Japanese knotweed material, reducing the volume of material leaving site or being cell buried and thus greatly reducing the costs of eradicating on Japanese knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed
If you have experienced Japanese knotweed, you will know that it can be very destructive. The aggressive plant can damage buildings and roads as well as looking unsightly. It is actually an offence to cause or allow Japanese knotweed to grow in the wild, so the answer is to remove it before it becomes a problem.

Giant Hogweed
Giant hogweed is on the Environment Agency’s list of top ten invasive species marked for containment and removal. That is because the plant produces a sap which contains a toxic chemical which can be damaging to the skin. Giant hogweed is also threatening to other plants so it is something which needs to be tackled and removed before it can cause any long term damage.

Japanese Knotweed Removal
Because of the devastating effects that Japanese knotweed can have on buildings as well as the environment, it is important to tackle it with an effective solution. Japanese knotweed removal is not easy, so it’s best left to the professionals. Herpetosure Invasive Solutions have some excellent Japanese knotweed removal solutions which should meet your requirements and budget.

Japanese Knotweed Control
Japanese knotweed was introduced to Britain in 1825 but now, it is considered to be a serious weed problem. Japanese knotweed control is the responsibility of the land owner. But with it being so easily spread, it is best to approach an expert company to conduct the Japanese knotweed control method for you.

Japanese knotweed is any gardener’s nightmare. This destructive weed is native to Japan, China and Korea. Knotweed is easily spread as even transferring a small cutting from one area to another could result in a new outbreak. To eradicate the plant, the roots need to be killed. But this is no easy task and it is always worth calling in the experts to ensure a thorough job.

Himalayan Balsam
A large plant, Himalayan balsam consists of a long green stem and small, pink, hooded flowers. It boasts an aggressive growth and as a result, often takes over native plants. For this reason, people are always looking for a way to eradicate it. With an effective method, you can stop the fast growth of Himalayan balsam and save those native plants.


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