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13 Signs & Blinds Ltd

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SE19 2PS

About 13 Signs & Blinds Ltd

13! Many people think this number brings bad luck, but our team believes this is the number you should trust when your business needs to look great. Let us help you to put your business above the rest.

13 is a company that emphasizes quality and reliability, a well established designer, manufacturer and supplier of commercial Signs & Blinds. We have an extensive range of products suitable for a variety of applications.

Our product range includes:
  • Canopies,
  • Awnings,
  • Pavement Signs,
  • Projection Signs,
  • Illuminated Signs,
  • Metal Signs and much more.

  • Specialising in Sign Installation, Sign Repairs, Maintenance and Surveys.

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    Our Services Include
    • Installing External Signage

    • Hanging Internal Signs, Point of Sale or Marketing Displays

    • Moving Existing Signage

    • Maintenance, Repairs and Seasonal Contracts

    • Vinyling, L.E.D and Illuminated Signage

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    Consultation & Advice
    Do not hesitate to contact us via phone or by email to make an enquiry and we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation at your premises. We aim to work one-on-one with our clients to insure excellent service.

    Design & Logo concept
    Our design team uses the latest software to create designs to your individual requirements. We can also offer a full logo design and re-creation service to help your business project a fully professional image and meet your needs.

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    Manufacturing & Fittings
    After the design of the artwork is ready, we send all the details to production where the product 'comes to life' and when it is finalised, our dedicated fitters will deliver to your location safely. The fitting team is trained to find the best solutions for any kind of fitting we have.

    Maintenance & Service Cleaning
    13 Signs & Blinds Ltd. offers complete maintenance service for neon, signs, awnings, canopies, built up letters and other. Cleaning service available!

13 Signs & Blinds Ltd Serves The Following Areas

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