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Roto Roof Windows and Hardware Ltd

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01788 558605
Robin Norman
Swift Point
CV21 1QH
England UK

About Roto Roof Windows and Hardware Ltd

Roto is the world's leading manufacturer of window and door hardware.
We offer a comprehensive range of fittings for PVC-U, aluminium, timber or composite door and window systems. All Roto products benefit from our renowned sales and technical support, with expert knowledge in product design, manufacture and application to provide you with the optimum solution in all situations.

Roto - the premium brand

Roto is the premium brand hardware at the heart of every quality door or window installation.

Imagine a front door you can’t lock, or a kitchen window that doesn’t open. Doors and windows are lost and lacking in purpose unless they have hardware to bring them to life.

Whether it’s the front door you use several times a day, the window you throw open whenever it’s steamy in the bathroom, or the patio door set you open only in the warmth of summer, Roto hardware systems are always there for you to rely on.

Roto products are proven to comply with every industry standard for security, life cycle testing and corrosion resistance.

Our focus on service and attention to detail, as well as the functionality, security and reliability our hardware provides, makes Roto the preferred choice for every discerning user of doors and windows.

Window Hardware
Our range of fittings for casement and tilt and turn windows is one of the most comprehensive available. In addition to TSL, our revolutionary Twin-cam Security Locking system, Roto window hardware includes a choice of espagnolettes and shootbolts plus market-leading tilt and turn systems, all complemented by a wide selection of handles and accessories to enhance safety and security.

Door Hardware
Roto door hardware provides everything necessary for secure locking of all types of PVC-U and composite doors in a co-ordinated range of locks, profile cylinders, handles, hinges and accessories, creating a complete package for every situation.

Patio Hardware
Whether you require fittings for in-line, tilt and slide or bi-fold doors, we offer a selection of hardware to suit every patio requirement, with many performance-enhancing features and a variety of safety and security options.

DoorSafe Vareo H567

The latest result of our focus on advancement is the H567 series door lock. A multi-point lock with the security and reliability you’ve come to expect from Roto, but with functional enhancement.

H567 has three modes, enabling the user to alter the function to suit their circumstances and preference. A simple sliding switch on the faceplate moves between Egress, Secure and Passing modes.

Egress – quick exit for inhabitants. No key required for fire escape, even when fully locked.
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Secure – full security mode, retaining the convenience of keyless lift-lever locking.

Passing – an ease-of-access mode: fulfils the latest requirements for apartments with only one entrance door.

One door, three modes. Whatever the installation, H567 is the only multi-point lock you need.

TSH 10 and 20

Suitable for Top and Side-Hung sashes in PVC, aluminium and timber, the Roto TSH programme includes a number of new features and advantages.

A unique aspect is a patented night-vent function called TurnPlus. It allows users to select the ventilation mode easily via a movement of the handle. The need for “finding” the night-vent slots is eliminated.

TSH10 & 20 for PVC-U & composite systems

TSH10 & 20 for aluminium systems

TSH10 & 20 for timber systems
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Whether for conservatories, patios, conference rooms or shop fronts, Patio 6080 enables a large opening to be created by folding all doors to one side without obtrusive thresholds. The superior threshold, specially designed for barrier-free living, enhances safety and adds comfort and convenience to any installation, particularly where there are families with small children or in buildings used by the less able. Optimal room ventilation is possible by means of an integrated tilt & turn sash that can be used independently of the system’s fold & slide sashes.
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