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Joist Shield

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Tracey Langford
St James Court
Brown Street
M2 1DH
England UK

About Joist Shield

Avoid time consuming labour, costly materials and expensive inspections with Joist shield.

Joistshield is headed by Tracey Langford who also has a background in property development and sales and marketing. Joistshield is manufactured to the highest standards here in the U.K, and distributed by Crystal Plastics in Burnley, Lancashire.

  • Totally transparent for easy inspection
  • Air gap for moisture evaporation
  • Air tight seal
  • Simple to fit
  • Flangless design for placement
  • Moisture ingress prevention
  • Part L and E compliant

Product Description
Joist shield is an open ended box manufactured of injection-moulded polypropylene. The product is available in two colour coded sizes.
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Ease Of Installation
Joist Shield, Caps have built in tolerance lines for ease of placement. The fins on the sides of the cap provide a key for mortar aiding pointing. Perfect placement is further aided by minimum and maximum fill lines which maintain an air gap to allow the wood to dry out. Joist Shield is attached with a nail each side of the cap. It has no flanges or clips to obstruct restraints or blocks. It also has a reinforced over hit zone.

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Visual Inspection
Joist Shield is translucent allowing visual inspection for correct load bearing of 90mm on the masonry inner leaf wall.

Air Leakage
Because the seal with the masonry is maintained Joist Shield will stop unwanted air leakage between the ceiling void and wall cavity and thereby heat loss by air infiltration (as required by statutory regulations concerning the conservation of fuel and power regulations)

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Sound Transmission
Because Joist Shield stops air paths around joist ends within separating masonry it will stop noise transference from the cavity wall.

Joist Shield is manufactured from a high quality polypropylene. BBA has certified it will last the normal expected life of the building.

Use Below Damp Proof Courses And Old Properties
Joist shield is unique because it allows no water ingress it can be used below damp proof courses. In old properties where a damp proof course may not be present the use of Joist Shield would also be indicted.

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