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Discounted Shop Fittings

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Digby Wilkie
Old White house
Boxted Church Road
England UK

About Discounted Shop Fittings

Welcome to Discounted Shop Fittings, where we aim to give our customers quality products at bargain prices.

We have a comprehensive range of:

- Display Counter and Showcases
- Large Variety of Display Stands
- Barrier Posts and Ropes
- Gridwall, Slatwall, Garment Rails
- Cable and Rod Systems (coming shortly)
- Mannequins
- Dumper Baskets
- Display & Storage Shelving & Tagging Guns

Can't see what you want? Then please ask as we probably have it.

Prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of delivery charges.

  • Counters and Showcases
  • Display Tables
  • Basket Display Stands
  • Dump Baskets
  • Display Shelving
  • Storage Shelving
  • Security Barriers
  • Mannequins
  • Slatwall
  • Slatwall 45 Degree Hooks
  • Slatwall Straight Arms
  • Slatwall Waterfall Arms
  • Slatwall Multifit Baskets
  • Slatwall Euro Hooks
  • Slatwall Notched Arms
  • Woodshelf Brackets
  • Glass Shelf Brackets
  • Gridwall
  • Gridwall Panels
  • Gridwall Joining Clips
  • Gridwall Triangle Bases
  • Gridwall Rectangular Legs
  • Gridwall Hooks
  • Gridwall Hangrail (U)
  • Gridwall Waterfall Arms
  • Gridwall Straight Arms
  • Gridwall Shelf Brackets
  • Gridwall Slanting Shelves
  • Gridwall Flat Shelves
  • Gridwall Baskets
  • Gridwall Wall Brackets
  • Gridwall Euro Hooks
  • Gridwall Millinery Arms
  • Gridwall Triangular Shelf
  • Tagging Guns
  • Junior Rails
  • Garment Rails
  • Coat Hangers
  • Shoe Racks


Discounted Shop Fittings General Description

shop fittings shop fixtures display stands Security Barriers Mannequins, shopfittings
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