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Mr Paul Hackett
79 High St
LS25 7AH
England UK

About CIS Ltd

Compulock Security Ltd. have been mastering a knowledge base of cutting-edge security systems for the past eight years and are now established specialists in access control, covert closed-circuit video cameras and the integration of digital monitoring with computer storage. Compulock have a history of helping their clients to identify points of their business which are particularly vulnerable to crime and suggesting a number of security solutions to help protect their assets from even the most modern of criminals.

The key point that sets Compulock apart from many other security companies is our emphasis on up-to-date knowledge of cutting-edge security products and how as technology improves, so do the techniques of potential criminals. Our promise to our clients is that a contract goes far beyond the succesful installation of system. Compulock offer a post-installation 24-hour call out guarantee as well as free regular check-ups and consultation on the latest available technologies and upgrade options.

Compulock have a client base including some of the largest companies around and have implemented security solutions all over the UK from residential single door stand alone access systems to commercial PC monitored access control and CCTV solutions incorporating thousands of users. We offer an extremely large and comprehensive selection of security products, but it is the extra services that we provide which has helped Compulock to achieve its reputation as one of the premier security solutions companies in the UK.

Access Control
Compulock can provide an infinite number of Access Control arrangements tailored to suite your needs. Our staff are accredited in the installation of a wide variety of products ranging from single door residential setups to commercial PC monitored access control solutions incorporating thousands of users.
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CCTV Cameras
Compulock will advise you on the optimum crime prevention implementation of your closed circuit camera system, utilising a selection of covert, anti-vandal, and fully rotational joystick controlled cameras.
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Digital CCTV Recorders
Digital cameras are the ideal selection for low-cost storage which can be viewed at any time through a secure website
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Computer Security
Up to 80% of all computer hardware thefts are from trusted sources. Compulock can provide lockdown cases for any size computer and security cables to provide inexpensive, easily installed theft deterrents.
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Intruder Alarms
Intruder Alarms are available using a variety of cutting edge sensors and alarm casings.
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Telephone Dialers
The latest telephone dialers can be easily configured to ring the emergency services and a large list of telephone numbers with a selection of pre-recorded voice messages or even send messages via SMS.
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If you arrange a crime prevention or security solution from Compulock Security Ltd., you can be assured that you will receive up-to-date advice on the latest crime trends and full information detailing the latest cutting-edge security products on the market.

Compulock can help you enhance your security systems in a number of ways; by acting as:
1. an extremely competetive retailer if you would like to purchase a security product
2. security system installers with accredited staff who can perform full installations to your specifications
3. crime prevention consultants, offering free consultation and site surveys on security consideration with no obligation to purchase a solution

We can also have security products and premise security guards available for hire.

As Compulock Security Ltd. understands only too well the importance of your security sytems, a Compulock crime prevention or security solution comes complete with a post-installation 24-hour call out guarantee as well as free regular check-ups and consultation on the latest available technologies and upgrade options.cis
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