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Ascolit Facade Solutions

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0845 223 2880
Nick Wingrove
Canada House
Unit 34 Bidavon Industrial Estate
Bidford on Avon
B50 4JN
England UK

About Ascolit Facade Solutions

Ascolit is now in its sixth year, having been founded in 2003 by its current Managing Director who has over 25 years experience in the façade industry. Since its beginnings, Ascolit has progressed to provide a specialist service to its customers, providing the best choice of available material and quality to meet all the competitive needs of today’s construction industry.

Ascolit believe that in an ever-changing climate, they are one of the most experienced companies around, offering a wealth of diversity in both architectural design solutions combining simplicity and the technical requirements of a modern architectural rain-screen system.

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Since its inception Ascolit has developed three main façade support systems, each with its own unique design and technical specification to suit specific façade materials. The original system Lingrid 1 is still the most popular, based on a ‘hook on’ system, as it has been specially designed to offer a universal solution for carrying all façades of all types. The Lingrid 1 system has been engineered with utter simplicity in mind to make assembly and fitting quick, efficient and economical. It is no coincidence that the system is trusted by many of the leading names in Rain-screen Cladding and Architectural Façades.

For a total project solution, Ascolit also offers its own extensive portfolio of high quality façade materials, including composites, aluminium, traditional metals, light-weight stone, honeycomb and SIPS panels, giving architects the freedom to create and realise a vision resulting in truly ‘landmark’ solutions.

Add to this our exceptional levels of personal service, our bespoke design and manufacturing capability, Ascolit is one of the most forward-thinking forces in the world of Façade Solutions.

Ascolit Facade Solutions ImageSupport Service
Problem solving is our speciality. Ascolit prides itself on the premise that no problem is insurmountable. Whether it is a technical, economic or a design query which is presenting a concern, our dedicated team will work out a solution for you.
Ascolit Facade Solutions ImageFabrication Service
Ascolit has the facility and capacity to take on straight fabrication supply. Our equipment includes CNC Press, Router and Punch machines. We produce a variety of flashings, planks and panels on an order basis.
Ascolit Facade Solutions ImageDesign Service
Ascolit’s dedicated team has been setup specifically to overcome any issues in order to achieve our clients vision. They have a wealth of experience and expertise in problem solving - so call us – we will have the answer. The service we offer is all part of our promise to you.

Ascolit produces 5 support systems under the banner of Lingrid 1, 2 ,3 ,4 and 5, so called as they are all based on a ‘Linear Grid’ design.

Each system has been specifically designed to suit the requirements of 90% of rainscreen materials.

Lingrid 1Lingrid 2Lingrid 3
Ascolit Facade Solutions ImageAscolit Facade Solutions ImageAscolit Facade Solutions Image

Lingrid 4Lingrid 5
Ascolit Facade Solutions ImageAscolit Facade Solutions Image

All the ‘Lingrid’ systems have been tested independently for their structural ability as well as part of Rainscreen Systems tested to comply with the latest CWCT requirements.

All Lingrid system sections and components are held in stock to maintain a ‘just in time’ service to ensure the smooth running of the project based on site requirements. Induction Courses are carried out by Ascolit at their works, prior to the project start and will also assist on site throughout the project installation period, if required. In terms of being Eco Friendly all the Lingrid systems framing and components are recyclable.
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