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Steve Armstrong
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About Greener Home Insulations Ltd

Why should I consider home insulation?
Because whatever type of building it is, the average UK home loses an amazing 60% of heat through its walls and roof. That's a staggering waste of energy and money, and the only way to avoid it is to insulate your home properly.

What type of insulation does my house need?
There are many types of home insulation, from cavity wall and loft insulation to draught proofing.

How much does home insulation cost?
Your FREE comprehensive survey and consultation includes advice on home insulation, the costs involved and the generous grants that may be available.

You could end up paying as little as £169 for professionally installed insulation that could halve you're heating costs and carbon emissions, as well as making your home a more comfortable place to live.

Cavity wall and loft insulation
Our cavity wall insulation is backed by a 25-year guarantee and involves blowing Rockwool mineral wool between the two skins of your brickwork. In your loft, we can install blown Rockwool or rolled fibreglass insulation up to a depth of 270mm (11 inches).

Loft Insulation
Around half the heat lost in a typical home escapes through the walls and the roof.

Recommended loft insulation thickness
Insulating your loft is simple to do. Even if you already have loft insulation, check its thickness. Adding another layer to bring it up to the recommended 270mm will save both energy and money being wasted.

Our specialist loft insulation teams place blown loft insulation or quilt into traditional pitched roofs. As depths of insulation have increased in recent years, so the expertise and attention to detail necessary to carry out satisfactory work, has increased.

Current recommended depth is 270mm - compared to an un-insulated loft, homeowners can achieve payback in only 1 year and save 800kgs of CO2 emissions per year. If you are topping up your loft, you will still save enough money in four years to pay for your initial investment.

Loft insulation installation
Our installers are all trained to the highest standards so that whether material is being installed into the roof for the first time or topped up over existing insulation the work is carried out quickly, competently and with the minimum of disruption.

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