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The Fire Place High Peak Ltd

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01663 749700
Mr Kevin Robinson
53 Albion Road
High Peak
SK22 3EX
Opening Hours
09:00 am-05:30 pm
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About The Fire Place High Peak Ltd

We specialise in the PureVision HD range comprising of 6 models, 3 free standing and 3 Inset with stands and log store options available for the free standing versions. We also specialise in exceptional quality British made wood and multi-fuel stoves. We are a Clearview Stoves agent and are also a Charnwood Stoves Premier Dealership.

We have the largest dedicated stove showroom in the North West and Peak District with well over 50 stoves on display and several under fire. We stock a large range of DEFRA approved appliances which means wood, as well as smokeless fuels can be burnt in smoke controlled areas.

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We have a large parking area at the rear entrance and a well stocked warehouse so we can normally supply your stove and flue liner, pipe, chimney pots and cowls immediately. Please contact our friendly team for availability.

The Official stockist of Jydepejsen Stoves in North West.

Why choose the fire place?
  • Largest dedicated stove showroom in the North West and Peak District.
  • Over 50 stoves on display.
  • Official Clearview Stoves Agent
  • Charnwood Stoves Premier Dealership
  • DEFRA Approved Appliances
  • HETAS Approved Installer

The Fire Place High Peak Ltd ImageThe Fire Place High Peak Ltd ImageThe Fire Place High Peak Ltd Image

About Us
The Fire Place and The Stove Place, a vibrant young company of only 10 years, has been created by Kevin Robinson in New Mills, High Peak.

Kevin is passionate about the benefits of using wood for fuel and states "Wood is a renewable source of fuel; it is inexpensive and is much kinder to the environment. The cost of gas, oil and fossil fuel is rising sharply, reserves are ever diminishing and when burnt have a greater impact on the environment."

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The Fire Place is a HETAS Registered company and the team of engineers all passed their HETAS Training with distinction. All our installations and work required to accommodate a stove complies with current building regulations and is of the highest standard.

We can advise on problem chimneys and offer a chimney lining service, replace chimney pots and fit bird-guards. For properties without a chimney or flue we can install an external chimney system.

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Reviews & Testimonials for The Fire Place High Peak Ltd

5 star review
April 07, 2016
Dear Helen and Jonathan (at Clearview Stoves)
Kevin from The Fire Place, New Mills, our local dealer for Stockport installed our glorious Clearview Vision 500. I thought it worthy of a letter to say how fabulous the whole experience has been.
From the fabulously honest and unpretentious, down to earth reception we had from Kevin and his staff at The Fire Place, to his care of our cast iron fireplace, advice and money saving tips about the hearth, thorough H&S Advice and a great installation. Brilliant!
Review by
Karen Griffiths Stot
The Fire Place High Peak Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.



Is Summer the best time to buy a stove?

Summer is actually the best time to buy a stove and here’s why:

You will find it much easier to find and book a good stove fitter.
A little forward planning will afford you the luxury of being able to arrange your initial fitment visit and installation, at a time and day that suits you. Believe me, this can be a real challenge in the Autumn!
Here at The Fireplace, we have a team of experienced and highly skilled, HETAS registered fitters. Our fitters work within a 25-mile radius of our New Mills based showroom, covering Manchester, Stockport, Didsbury, High Peak and beyond.
You will have more time to get your room ‘Stove ready’If you are a first-time stove buyer, you may need to make some alterations to your home in order to house your new stove. Such as fitting a flue, building a false chimney breast or preparing a wall for an inset stove.
It is important that you get the right advice from a fully qualified and HETAS registered fitter. They will ensure that your plans include everything needed to be sure your stove is safe and fit for use.
You can save yourself up to 20% on your new stove.
There are some fantastic discounts to be had at this time of year. So why wait?

With our Summer sale in full swing, you can save yourself up to 20% on a new stove and even more on our unused, ex-display models.

We have a fantastic fully stocked showroom with top brands such as; Clearview, Fireline, Charnwood and Dunsley Heat to name a few.

Call us now on 01663 749700

Call into our showroom at:
The Old Bakery, 55-59 Albion Rd, New Mills, High Peak SK22 3EX.
Our stove specialists are on hand to help you.

Here at the fireplace high peak we value are customers, with well over 50 stoves on display and several under fire not to mention over 14 years of experience we can help to choose the right stove to suit your needs.

We can not only supply but install with our HETAS Registered installers reassuring you of a 1st class service.

The Fire Place New Mills, was established in 2002, by Kevin Robinson in the town of New Mills, in the High Peak.
Kevin is passionate about the benefits of using wood fuel and states "Wood is a renewable source of fuel; it is inexpensive and is much kinder to the environment. The cost of gas, oil and fossil fuel is rising sharply, reserves are ever diminishing and when burnt have a greater impact on the environment."

With a friendly atmosphere and professional approach why not call in and check out our stock.

Not to mention our SPRING SALE now on with up to 20% off selected stock.

Kevin Robinson

01663 749 700
Purevision PV5i Stove

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Purevision PV5i Stove
Posted on April 8, 2015 by Kevin Robinson

PV5i StoveHere at The Fireplace New Mills, we are proud to stock the Purevision range by Charlton & Jenrick The inset model of the Charlton & Jenrick PV5 shares identical visual and performance features of the PV5. Meaning you get the same window size, performance and features as you would with the freestanding model.
Purevision PV5i Stove Features

• The Purevision PV5i has a clean aesthetic design that enables the stove to blend seamlessly with traditional
or modern room and fireplace designs.

• Unique air control system that provides automatic air distribution from a simple
single-lever burning control.

• Powerful airwash that assists the clean burning of the stove in producing the
High Definition (HD) flame picture.

• DEFRA exemption for burning wood logs in smokeless zones.

• Full multi-fuel capacity as standard.

• Identical door design to the freestanding version.
Essential Purevision PV5i Stove Specs

Height 600mm
Width 454mm
Depth 425mm
Weight 91KG

Top and rear flue 5?
Fuel -wood & solid fuel
Output Nominal 5kw range 3.1 – 6kw
Efficiency 80.2%
Finish graphite grey
Log length 300mm

Kevin (The Fire Place High Peak Ltd)
Why choose a Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove?

The Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove is one of our best selling multi-fuel stoves, furthermore it’s one of our personal favourites. Clearview are renowned for making quality stoves but we thought we’d take a moment to outline some of the benefits of buying a Clearview.
Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove

Buy a Clearview Pioneer 400 from The Fireplace, New Mills, Derbyshire
Benefits of Clearview Stoves

5kW heat output.
One double-glazed door that gives an uninterrupted view of the flames.
Clearview hot air-wash system for really clean burning without fuss or pampering.
This means that your stoves’ view screen stays clean for longer.
Independent up draft and down draft air distribution system for maximum response and control. This level of control allows you to control not only the heat, but also the rate at which your stove burns through logs.
Refractory lining, promoting super clean combustion.
Clean Combustion means less cleaning, and less Soot.
Multi-fuel grate, for easy lighting and rapid response.
Allows the air to draw up properly underneath your logs and kindling. If burning materials drop below the grate they are easy to get remove and extinguish.
Heavy steel construction – welded inside and out for durability and long life.
Having a strong stove helps to ensure that it will last longer. Cheap stoves will soon deteriorate after continue use. Not Clearview.
Solid brass knobs and door handles.
Having quality brassware, gives your stove the finishing touches, and a look of elegance.
All “wear and tear” stove parts are easily replaceable making maintenance comparatively effortless.
Clearview are such an established Stove brand that it is easy to buy parts for, unlike some of the cheaper internet stove brands who seem to disappear as soon as they appear. Choose quality stoves every time to save money in the long run.
Stainless steel ash pan for long life and easy ash removal.
Quality Stainless steel is used so that you’ll never have to replace the ash pan.
Rotary grate for easy riddling.
The rotary grate is another labour saving device.
Adjustable levelling bolts, for easy adjustments on uneven hearths.
You’ll never have to “pack up” the legs on a Clearview Pioneer. If your hearth is uneven, you have only to adjust the legs to level out your stove.
Adjustable hinges and door catch to maintain air tightness throughout the life of the door seals.
Having adjustable parts allows you to compensate for wear, ensuring that your stove keeps working efficiently.
Hotplate surface for coffee pot or kettle.
Use your stove in a practical way. Don’t just admire your stove, use it. The Clearview Pioneer 400 will allow you to easily boil a kettle or coffee pot, so you can enjoy a warming drink, as you stare into the flames.
Takes up to 10 inch logs.
Once your stove is lit, you don’t want to be up and down stocking it with fuel. The
Clearview 750 Stove

Here at the Fireplace, New Mills we are passionate about all the stoves we sell. We like to provide a detailed service for customers providing all the pre sale and aftercare to the very best standards.

As an official Clearview dealer we love to talk about the amazing range of Clearview stoves that we stock. One of the most versatile stoves on the market is the Clearview 750.
The 5 Styles of Clearview 750
Clearview 750

The Clearview 750 Stove comes in 5 different styles.
The 750 is A Big Stove for a Big Space

The Clearview 750 is the largest stove in the Clearview range making it the perfect heat source for open plan spaces, larger rooms or halls in your home.
5 Styles

This Clearview stove comes in five styles. There is the high and low plinth versions which give you greater cleaning access below the stove, or can serve as a small log store.

Kevin(The Fire Place High Peak Ltd)
Easy to Use Stoves

Jydepejsen stoves are anything but difficult to use, and are beautiful in configuration. What’s more, these Stoves have low molecule emanations which have less effect on the environment. These stoves have a burning chamber that can endure compelling warmth of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. All Jydepejsen stoves are fully insulated, which permits the stove to deal with the warmth in the most productive way.

Jydepejsen stoves pull natural air from outside your home to guarantee that the stove is constantly refreshed with Oxygen. At the point when the principle air admission diminishes, the Stoves will burn the gasses discharged by the flaming logs.

If you are searching for a quality woodburning stove, why not come take a look at our Stoves in the showroom, in New Mills, near Manchester, Sheffield and the Derbyshire Peak District. Identify with an individual from our business group? We have live Jydepejsen woodburning stoves, and can prescribe the right stove to suit your home.

Kevin (The Fire Place High Peak Ltd)
Products & Services

OER (Old English Reproductions)

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Name Role Email Telephone
Kevin Robinson Owner 01663 749 700
Samantha Jackson Shop Manager 01663 749 700

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