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TES Environmental Services Ltd

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Unit 6, Griffin Business Park
Walmer Way
West Midlands
B37 7UX

About TES Environmental Services Ltd

TES Environmental Services Ltd has held a full license to remove all types of asbestos in all types of environments since 1996. From our head office in Birmingham we are centrally located to react across the breadth of England and Wales with regional offices both North and South.

We provide asbestos removal, asbestos encapsulation, asbestos surveys, surveys & sampling services covering the the whole of the UK. From large and complex asbestos removal operations that required multiple, methods of asbestos removal, to working within small housing projects, over the years we have undertaken many different types of asbestos removal, abatement, reporting, sampling and surveying contracts. From extensive boiler rooms and low level, subterranean ducts to removing small electric meter cupboard ceilings and heater flues, our knowledge in this field is varied and extensive.

TES Environmental Services Ltd is the asbestos removal company of choice for many commercial and public sector clients, as well as local councils and housing associations. Our private customers are valued equally, removing the asbestos from domestic households with the safety of their families, our primary concern.

We are qualified and insured to carry out the management of refurbishment and demolition surveys to identify asbestos containing materials (ACMS) within buildings and provide advice and guidance in managing the asbestos which has been identified.

Commercial Asbestos Management
TES Environmental Services Ltd has vast experience in removing and encapsulating asbestos within the commercial sector. We are involved in large construction projects where asbestos needs to be removed before the demolition of the building or before the refurbishment begins. We can also provide asbestos surveys or work from previous ones.

For our clients who would rather manage the asbestos within their buildings, we can provide a range of services that will prioritise what needs removing and what can stay, managed as per your asbestos management plan. If a material is in poor condition, we can encapsulate the asbestos on-site for saving money on reinstatement works.
  • Office Asbestos Removals & Surveys
  • Refurbishment And Demolition
  • School Asbestos Removal & Surveys
  • Ensure your factory is safe from asbestos
Domestic Asbestos Management
As asbestos was not completely banned in the UK until 1999, the chances that your home contains asbestos products is very high. TES Environmental Services Ltd can ease you of your asbestos worries.

If you believe you have a material in your home that may be asbestos, the first step is to have a sample taken. When the asbestos is identified, we can advise you on your next step. The removal of asbestos in homes is something that can be done with minimum disruption to the homeowner. We will isolate the area and, depending on the type of asbestos and how it is incorporated in your property, we can plan and remove the asbestos in a safe and controlled manner. You and your family’s safety is our number one priority.
  • Asbestos coated pipework & tanks
  • Textured Coating (ARTEX) - Asbestos Removals
  • Asbestos cement removal
  • Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) Removal
Asbestos Removal For Homes & Offices
TES Environmental Services Ltd is a licensed asbestos removal company, based in Birmingham, working throughout the Midlands including Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Stoke.

Our licence permits use to remove any type of asbestos in any type of environment. The health and safety executive (HSE) has granted TES Environmental Services Ltd a licence through a process of interviews and random surprise site inspections to ensure that we know the correct safe removal or encapsulation of asbestos. We are awarded a three year licence and the HSE still carries out unannounced visits to ensure we are complying with current legislation. These visits ensure that we are doing everything expected to ensure the reduction of asbestos fibres at the source, so you are safe in your home and workplace.

Asbestos Surveys
TES Environmental Services Ltd can provide Asbestos Management Surveys which will identify asbestos containing materials within the building which will allow the owner to manage the asbestos which his/her duty by law. For asbestos surveys, call us today for a free quotation.

TES Environmental can also provide Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys which must be carried out before any major refurbishment or demolition takes place to identify asbestos and protect the safety of the contractors carrying out the work. For asbestos surveys in the West Midlands call us today for advice and a free quotation.


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