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Mr Andy Stubbs
Budbrooke Road
CV34 5XH
England UK

About Smiths Concrete Ltd

Smiths Concrete Limited started business in 1958 with a single ready-mix plant at Cassington, near Oxford. Over the years, this has grown to embrace seven concrete plants (all QSRMC accredited), one screed plant, two quarries and an inert landfill site.

Firstly, a greenfield site is selected, where sand and gravel is extracted for processing. This is supplied to our various plants for the manufacture of concrete and mortar for delivery to our customers.

The void that has been created is infilled with inert materials (which are carefully monitored) or natural lakes are allowed to form.

Total development is planned well in advance, regulated by local environmental agencies to ensure proper restoration.

Smiths Concrete Offer Our Customers:
  • Assured quality
  • A mutually beneficial partnership
  • A complete technical service
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • A forward-looking policy which aims to protect our environment
Committed to Quality
We are committed to the long-term supply of quality products and services, delivered when required and at competitive prices. We have established an enviable reputation in a complex industry based on this commitment and our values.

Environmental Care
The company is fully committed to planned restoration and conservation, either returning the land back to the farmer or providing lakes for various water activities. Many of the company's sites attract a wide variety of wildlife.

Agricultural Applications
Designated Concretes are quality assured concretes that conform to a specification detailed in BS 8500. These concretes have been selected by governmental bodies and industry to be fit for their intended end uses, and they can only be supplied by ready-mixed concrete producers who have third-party product conformity certification. A QSRMC or BSI logo on the delivery ticket provides this confirmation. Purchasers can therefore be confident that the concrete will be delivered as specified and ordered.

Smiths Concrete Quality Controlled Sand & Cement Mixes
Smiths Concrete produces Sand and Cement to be supplied semi-dry by tipper to your site.

Various Sand and Cements are produced to meet most building requirements.

(3-1) Sand and Cement Mixes - Typically used for industrial and heavy domestic purposes.

(4-1) Sand and Cement Mixes - Typically used for general household purposes.

Polypropylene Fibres - These can be added to the above mixes to help overcome the traditional difficulties associated with ensuring the reinforcing mesh is placed at the correct depth. Fibres can substitute the use of crack control mesh and are mixed into the load at the plant, ensuring an even distribution of fibres.

Early Set (E.S.) Sand and Cement - A specialist sand and cement admixture to achieve faster strength gain and quicker drying times. Retardation working times are reduced. For further information, please contact our technical or sales department.

Smiths Concrete are proud to supply a quality liquid cement screed

Product highlights
  • Factory manufactured from quality-approved materials
  • Delivered by one of our concrete truck mixers
  • Flow range 260-280mm – very free flowing/self levelling but low water/cement ratio
  • Not susceptible to crazing, cracking or curling
  • 1000 m² + on a daily visit with 200 m² without movement joints
  • Can be used in domestic, commercial and underfloor heating projects
  • li>Compatible with all cement-based tile adhesives
  • Can be laid at 25 mm thickness
  • Can be laid in wet areas
  • Laitance free – no need to sand the surface
  • Drying times are one third of some alternative systems
  • Can be walked on typically after 24 hours
  • Based on calcium carbonate (limestone) powder

The ideal solution for the commercial and domestic sector
Liquid cement screed is ideal for use in the commercial sector. It can be supplied as a C20 or C30mm/N2 compressive strength product. Benefits are as follows:
  • Thinner sections than conventional products, i.e. from 2 5mm
  • No joint requirement up to 100-150m2
  • Areas up to 1000 m² can be laid in one site visit
  • Minimal wastage
  • Drying times better than traditional screeds and calcium sulphate screeds
  • Free-flowing/self -compacting product which self levels
  • No site revisits to sand floor (laitance free)

The ideal solution for underfloor heating
Longfloor liquid cement screed is ideal for use with underfloor heating. It can be supplied as a C20 or C25mm/N2 compressive strength product. Benefits include:
  • Can be used both for electric and water heating pipes
  • Coverings above pipe are thinner than traditional screeds
  • Product fully encapsulates the pipes
  • Thermal conductivity (up to 1.7 W/m.K)
  • Underfloor heating systems can be turned on after 10 days


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Smiths Concrete Ltd General Description

Concrete & Mortar Ready Mixed
Smiths Concrete Ltd Branches
Smiths Concrete (Banbury)
Southam Road, Banbury, OX16 2RR
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Smiths Concrete (Bicester)
Old Blackthorn Station, Bicester, OX25 1AH
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Smiths Concrete (Brackley)
Shires Road, Buckingham Road Ind Estate, Brackley, NN13 7EZ
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Smiths Concrete (Oxford)
Eynsham Road, Cassington, Oxford, OX29 4DE
Smiths Concrete (Stratford)
Atherstone Airfield, Atherstone - on - Stour, CV37 8BJ
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Smiths Concrete(Coventry)
Waverley Wood Farm,, Weston Lane, Coventry, CV8 3BN
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