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Silvanus Interiors

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01904 470909
Pascal Silvestre
Station Lane
Station Approach
North Yorkshire
YO30 1BS
England UK

About Silvanus Interiors

Silvanus Interiors is a small Yorkshire business established 8 years ago with the aim of filling a growing gap in the current market: the design, manufacture and fitting of bespoke staircases and, more precisely, of curved staircases.

Bespoke Staircases
Staircases are an important part of every home, not to say a central part of it. More often than not, they are the focus point of every entrance hall, a statement to your guest as to what they are to expect.

One might even be tempted to consider the staircase as the spinal cord of the house since it links all the different levels with each other and in a way, brings to the house its life and true purpose: be it a grand staircase, a secondary concrete one or an attic staircase, take it away and a house becomes an empty shell, devout of meaning where you might as well live on the ground floor.

Bespoke Furniture
If we have made staircases a specialty, this is not to say that this is the only line of work in which we specialise. Our love of timber extends to bespoke furniture as well.

Whereas staircases imply a good understanding of 3 dimensional geometry, bespoke furniture requires a set of different skills: a profound knowledge of the various styles and periods in furniture design, a good understanding of ergonomics and proportions, a creative edge and, finally, an open mind so one can work as easily in the reproduction of antique pieces or in the creation of new ones.

Bespoke Furniture Makers
Because our workforce is composed of both trained joiners and cabinet makers, we are as much at ease in the design and manufacture of bespoke furniture than that of staircases.

We have over the years been involved in the design and manufacture of gilded mirrors, all hand carved; ecclesiastical furniture, producing various "President's chairs", pews and lecterns for churches in the North-East; kitchens, all bespoke designed and made to suit the needs of the most demanding clients while combining style with excellence in execution together with competitive pricing; and finally, free-standing furniture for all rooms throughout the house: fitted bedrooms, dining tables and chairs, bookcases...the list is endless.

View Our Bespoke Timber Staircases Gallery
Silvanus Interiors are specialists in the manufacture of bespoke timber staircases and in particular, curved staircases.

We have the expertise, the skills and, perhaps more importantly, the experience with over 25 years in the field, manufacturing some of the most unique staircases in either classic or contemporary style.

View Our Bespoke Furniture Gallery
We create beautiful bespoke furniture to suit your preferences in oak, tulipwood, walnut and mahogany.

View Our Bespoke Kitchens Gallery
We create, manufacture, finish and fit all types of bespoke kitchens. Traditional, contemporary, modern, the only limitations are imagination and this is something we possess in abundance.

We will work closely with you to assess your needs and, through the production of drawings and samples, work towards a finished product that will meet all of your most stringent requirements.

View Our Bespoke Handrails Gallery
We manufacture and fit bespoke handrails to either fit an original staircase or an existing wrought iron balustrade. We work closely with various blacksmiths for whom we supply their timber handrails.


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