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01256 363733
Mr Gorden Barnes
12 Century House/Vickers Business Centre
Priestley Road
RG24 9RA
England UK

About Isopak UK Ltd

Based in Basingstoke in Hampshire, Isopak UK Ltd is the Sole UK Agent for the complete range of ISOVEL Close Control Air Conditioning Systems manufactured by Clivet SpA in Feltre, Northern Italy.

In addition to the promotion and sale of new Isovel equipment and spare parts, Isopak UK Ltd also supplies the complete spare parts requirement for all the old UK produced Isovel products.

Prior to the acquisition of the Isovel product range by Clivet SpA, the Isovel products were manufactured for many years in the UK at the Isovel International Ltd manufacturing plant in Andover in Hampshire. During the years that the manufacture was carried out in the UK, large numbers of Isovel air conditioning systems were sold, not only in the UK but overseas to many different Countries across the world.

Isopak UK Ltd is the only approved supplier of spare parts for the old UK manufactured Isovel products.

The archive of all the systems previously manufactured and sold worldwide, firstly by Isovel International Ltd then latterly by Temperature Ltd, Clivet Ltd and Clivet UK Ltd are held by Isopak UK Ltd, so we are able to fully support the products using the knowledge contained and held in the records. We are also able to support all the Isovel products still in operation with any spare parts that may be required. All the various microprocessor controllers that were fitted and used with the Isovel products over the many years that they were manufactured, are all still available from Isopak UK Ltd.

Isopak UK Ltd also offers a specialist maintenance service for any Isovel product, either on a 'one off visit' basis, if a specific problem exists on an Isovel product and this is what is required, or we offer complete Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts, tailored to suit your requirements and those of the installed systems.

Technical support is freely available for any of the Isovel product range whether it be the new Italian produced equipment or the old UK manufactured systems.

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MR Range
The MR range of units is the small capacity range of air conditioning systems with cooling capacities ranging from 5kW to 25 kW. Available in direct expansion, air cooled or water cooled versions or using Chilled Water as the cooling medium. MR units are available in downflow or upflow versions and with a full range of accessories to meet individual requirements.

FR Range
The FR range of systems is designed for upflow use only and feature front face, air return with top discharge, suitable for use with either a range of ducting or used with a horizontal discharge plenum for 'free blow' applications. Available in 8 model sizes with cooling capacities between 12kW and 50 kW these systems are available as direct expansion air cooled or water cooled versions, or as chilled water systems. A full range of accessories are available.

VR Range
The VR range of units is suitable for the larger close control applications. Available as direct expansion air cooled or water cooled systems or as chilled water systems, they are available in 11 direct expansion models and 7 chilled water models with cooling capacities ranging from 15kW to 80kW in DX cooling mode and 25kW to 140kW in chilled water cooling mode. All units are available in downflow or upflow configuration. Glycol cooled, 'free cooling' versions are also available plus a full range of accessories.

CE Condenser Range
The CE condenser range has been designed for use with the full range of DX air cooled systems. The condensers all have sub-cooling circuits, mains isolators, pressure actuated fan speed controllers and liquid receivers supplied as standard.

Spare Parts
A complete spare parts service is available for the Isovel product range. Spare parts for UK manufactured products including all microprocessor controllers are available.

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