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01273 699 388
Unit 7, Danworth Farm
Cuckfield Road,
East Sussex

About Geo-Environmental Services Ltd

Geo-Environmental Services Limited was formed in 1996. Since then the Company has gone from strength to strength, growing from a south east based company to one with a national presence. We provide coverage across Wales and the Midlands down to the South Coast of England from our head office in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex and our satellite offices in Bristol and Birmingham. The Company has three teams; an Eastern Region team, a Western Region team and a specialist Rail, Road, Energy and Utilities team.

Site Survey
Site Surveys (also known as soil surveys and ground/site investigations) are important to understand the likely ground and ground water conditions in order that appropriate foundations can be designed. Unforeseen ground conditions can pose serious problems to developments leading to re-design of foundations, time delays and increased costs. These risks can be reduced by a well planned phased site survey incorporating Phase 1 and Phase 2 site investigations.

Asset Protection
Infrastructure asset protection need to give significant consideration to the long term implications of climate change in the planning phase. As they often have lives of at least 50-100 years, they need to be designed to function long into the future, where weather patterns and climate are projected to be more aggressive than they are now.

Geo-Environmental has a range of solutions to support this which include:
  • Site geotechnical and environmental risk screening
  • Geotechnical and environmental intrusive site surveys
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Surface water control modelling
  • Drainage and SUDS design
  • Slope stability analysis and design
Slope Stability
Geo-Environmental have a team of highly qualified geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists, who have the technical skill to assess a slope and its specific conditions and to progress the assessment from site investigation to final modelling. Our engineers also have experience with carrying out back analysis on slopes that have already failed to determine the cause and recommendations on remedial measures.

Performing the modelling allows us to advise our clients on the best solution for their slope design. This advice can include measures such as:
  • Improved drainage to enhance stability by controlling the flow of water
  • Planting appropriate vegetation to effectively bind the slope
  • Reducing the surcharge at the crest – by using lightweight fills
  • Increasing the surcharge on the toe at the bottom of the slope
  • Soil stabilisation e.g., with cement
  • Using geotextiles to reinforce the earth or soil nailing
  • Reducing the height of the slope and Reducing the angle of the slope
  • Advice on retaining wall design
Construction Waste Management
Geo-Environmental can provide qualified persons (Chartered engineers, approved by CL:AIRE with the Code of Practice for Definition of Waste) and other experienced staff to ensure that soil is correctly classified and create the plans and strategies you need to manage your materials effectively. We can:
  • Undertake phase 1 contamination risk assessments
  • Produce conceptual site models
  • Phase 2 intrusive investigation and risk assessments
  • Produce options appraisals
  • Prepare remediation strategies
  • Produce design statements
  • Create materials management plans (MMPs)
  • Assist with regulator liaison
  • Prepare verification reports and Act as the Qualified Person to review documentation, provide advice and sign the declaration to the Environment Agency.
Cemetary Impact Assessment
Our experienced team of environmental engineers can assess the ground and groundwater to model the likely spread of contaminants and monitor contaminant spread over time and where necessary suggest remedial measure.

Soil and Agricultural Land Assessment
When producing our reports, Geo-Environmental utilise published information on climate, geology, soils and published DEFRA Provisional (pre-1988) ALC (agricultural land classification) information, together with information on rural land designations, for example, agri-environmental schemes, forestry and woodland schemes and other land based schemes, in order to judge what classification to recommend for the land. In some cases it may be necessary to undertake an intrusive soil and agriculture land assessment investigation to identify specific soil properties.

Renewable Energy Assessments
Geo-Environmental’s renewable energy assessment has been designed to provide our clients with the most appropriate and sustainable energy solution for their premises or property.

This solution may be a renewable solution, such as a ground source heat pump or solar PV, or a mix of traditional energy sources (gas, electric, wood etc) and renewable energy sources.


Geo-Environmental Services Ltd have been shortlisted in the category of “Best UK Business Performance

Geo-Environmental Services Ltd have been shortlisted in the category of “Best UK Business Performance – SME” for the Consultancy & Engineering Awards 2018. The awards are hosted by the ACE who represent the business interests of the consultancy and engineering industry in the UK. It is therefore an honour to have been shortlisted for the second year in succession. Hopefully we can go one better than 2017 when we were “Highly Commended”. We are hoping that we can emulate our achievements of last year when our Managing Director Glyn Evans won the European CEO of the year (SME category) trophy in 2017.

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