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Mr Matthew Harrison
Unit 2 Stoneacre
Grimbald Crag Close
Opening Hours
08:30 am-05:30 pm
08:30 am-05:30 pm

08:30 am-05:30 pm

08:30 am-05:30 pm

08:30 am-05:30 pm

08:30 am-05:30 pm



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About First Point Surveys

First Point Surveys Ltd. is an independent Yorkshire based practice of land surveyors and site engineers specialising in the following:

  • Topographical Surveys (incorporating GPS)
  • Measured Building Surveys: Floor Plans, Sections & Elevations
  • Site Engineering: Setting Out & Control Establishment
  • Boundary Determinations - Disputes
  • Flood Risk Assessment Surveys
  • Volume Calculations – Quarry Stock, Landfill, Spoil heaps etc
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Underground Services Tracing: CAT & Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Photogrammetry: Building Elevations and remote surveying
  • Panoramic Photography: 360 Virtual Reality Images
  • Laser Scanning - 3D Point Clouds
  • As Built Surveys

Our equipment consists of the most up to date laser measuring devices including Leica 1200 series robotic total stations. The use of laptops and other on site processing facilities enables us to swiftly compute data in the field.

Post survey data processing is done using n4ce software and can be supplied in various formats including AutoCAD (DWG & DXF), Adobe PDF and ASCII. All survey data can also be provided in full colour on paper or film in any size from A4 to A0.

Land Surveys
A survey to determine the configuration, relief or elevation of a portion of the earth's surface, including the location of natural and/or man-made features thereon.

A topographical survey is a type of map, a graphic representation of ground features, produced at a variety of scales. They usually include contour lines and spot heights to show changes in level of the land surface.

Measured Building Surveys
The accurate measurement and production of plans, sections, elevations and visualisations of a building.

Produce up-to-date plans which form the basis for the design of a project. Setting out a site, so that a structure is built in the correct spot and to the correct size. Monitoring the construction process to make sure that the structure remains in the right position, and recording the final as-built position. Providing control points by which the future movement of structures such as dams or bridges can be monitored.

The measurement and tracking of the alteration and shape or dimension of a structure/feature whether natural or man made.

The practice of determining the geometric properties of objects from photographic images, output is typically a map, drawing or 3D model.

Most commonly used to create topographic maps for the Ordnance Survey, photogrammetry is the practice of using photographic images of physical objects to obtain information. In survey practice photogrammetry is typically used to record information concerning buildings or structures to create 3D data which in turn can be used for whatever the client requires. The data output can range from a 2D building elevation to a full photo-realistic rendered model and are normally instructed by engineers, architects, planners, and anyone needing precise maps of an area or feature.

Laser Scanning
Laser scanning techniques reduce time and costs with the ability to improve design processes reducing the risk of data collection errors.

Using either a Laser Scanner or Photogrammetric Software we can produce 3D point cloud data. This data looks as its name suggests, like a giant cloud of 3D points each taken on the surface of the building or objects being scanned. Its density can be specified by the client (within certain tolerances) and has many uses including English Heritage Surveys, geology and flood risk assessments. The technology has been around for some time and we are finding new ways to use this data every month.

Underground Utility Tracing
Process of identifying and labeling utility mains which are underground, including natural gas, fiber optics, storm drains, water mains, cable television and wastewater pipes.

Boundary Determination
Title deeds are the most important documents concerning boundary determinations and should not be confused with Land Registry plans. Although potentially simple to resolve, boundaries cause more problems between neighbours than any other matter. Disputes can end up in court simply due to a misunderstanding of the issues involved. We aim to avoid this whenever possible and look to mediate between neighbours to find a resolution.


Products & Services

Measured Building Surveys

Floor Plans

3D Laser Scanning

Land Registry Compliant Plans

Building Elevations

Flood Risk Assessment Surveys

Volume Calculations ? Muck Shift

Precise Levelling - Monitoring

360 Virtual Reality Images

Underground Utility Surveys

GPS Land Surveys

Architectural Building Elevations

3D Terrain Modelling

Boundary Disputes

Volume Calculations ? Quarry Stock

Deformation Monitoring

Ground Penetrating Radar

Boundary Determinations

Precise Levelling - Monitoring

Topographical Surveys

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First Point Surveys General Description

First Point Surveys Ltd. is an independent Yorkshire based practice of land surveyors and site engineers
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