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Fereday Cylinder Co Ltd

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01384 214545
David Wilson
Unit 3
Thornleigh Trading Estate
England UK
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About Fereday Cylinder Co Ltd

Your First Choice For Metal Bending Services In The UK
At Fereday Cylinder Company we specialise in metal bending and forming. Based in the West Midlands, we offer a range of services, including press braking, plate rolling and tube manipulation.

For press braking, we have two Pearson Press Brakes, which are 250 tonnes and 125 tonnes. Through these, we can carry out various complex metal-bending tasks. We also have 18 sets of plate rolling machines, which enable us to roll metal in an extensive range of different widths and thicknesses, from 50mm in diameter and between 0.5mm to 75mm thickness. With our tube manipulation service, we're capable of manipulating tubes up to 76mm in diameter. We also offer section rolling to include angle rings, flat rings and rolled tube.

Committed to excellence
With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to producing high-quality products for our clients. Having expanded our business over the years, we are able to assist you with any metal-work project, no matter how big or small, offering a reliable metal-bending service for everyone.

Nationwide delivery service
From our base in Dudley, we are able to offer nationwide delivery. When your metalwork has been manufactured, we can deliver your goods quickly and safety throughout the UK. We also offer an overnight courier service.

Metal-Forming Services

  • Plate-Rolling Services
    If you’re looking for plate rolling service in the West Midlands area, then look no further. At Fereday Cylinder Company, we have one of the biggest plate-rolling facilities, consisting of 16 sets of plate-rolling machines. We have the capacity to roll metal of various widths and thicknesses, with typical values measuring as little as 50mm in diameter. We're capable of working with metals that are up to 75mm thick.

  • Press Braking
    Whatever shapes you need your metal bending into, you will want to find a reliable press-braking service to get the job done with the best outcome. At Fereday Cylinder Company in the West Midlands, we are proud to supply excellently crafted metal products and services to our customers. We offer a personalised service for metal shaping, which means you can obtain metal units to your precise measurements and specifications.

  • Section Rolling
    When working with metal, there is always going to be a need for section rolling. This specialist manufacturing process can reduce the width of a metal part, or simply make the section smoother. A majority of metal products are created with the help of section rolling. Various parts can be formed using this tool, such as rings, flat rings, and tubes, as well as décor items such as spiral handrails for staircases. The key to our section-rolling service at Fereday Cylinder Company is that it is versatile. We provide a bespoke service in order for you to achieve the desired end product.

  • Metal Cones And Transition Pieces
    The beauty of commissioning bespoke metal cones and metal transition pieces is that whatever your project is, you can have them made to exact specifications, so you don’t have to adjust or make do with a part that doesn’t allow for the efficiency and smoothness you require for your finished product or project. For example, you can purchase any number of tubing and metal cones from most DIY or hardware stores. You may spend hours perusing the choice, trying to find a size and shape that will do what you need. Our team in the West Midlands are professional metal-cone manufacturers, and we specialise in making exact pieces that are perfect for the job and that are made with materials suited to the task.

  • Tube Manipulation
    When you need to form pipes or tubing, at Fereday Cylinder Company in the West Midlands we offer our tube-bending services as part of our range of metal-making processes. This enables pipes to be made at a range of different angles and directions. We make use of mechanical force, whereby a metal pipe or tube is pushed against a die. The result of this tube manipulation is that the metal pipe or tube conforms to the die’s shape. Precise bends can be achieved with great success, particularly within larger pipe or tube systems, depending on the shape and dimensions of individual sections.

  • Weld Preparation
    We can cut weld preps onto plates up to the size of 40mm, using our state-of-the-art Trumpf nibbling machines. Contact us today for more information.

For more information, please contact us!

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5 star review
May 12, 2014
Very good company, very professional & well organized.. Would really recommend.
Testimonial by
Edward Frics
Fereday Cylinder Co Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.



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