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Bridley Interiors

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01483 236 594
Mr Mark Cudmore
North Lodge
Berry Lane
England UK

About Bridley Interiors

Bridley Interiors
Welcome to Bridley Interiors - designers and shop fit out experts - specialising in the hair dressing and salon industry.

If you're looking for a company that truly understands 'space', customer behaviour...and the need to ensure that the environment we create in your retail 'world' is key to ensuring that customers feel welcome, Bridley Interiors has the experience to help you deliver.

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Our Services
The design and layout of your finished project can make an enormous difference to the success of your business. The subtle differences that a fitout can make to a customer’s engagement with you and your staff is more than just wood, glass and furniture. It needs to be in the hands of a creative business that is inspired...and practice. At Bridley Interiors we are experts at high calibre fit out.

We listen to your needs and aspirations and draw on the wealth of experience we have and are able to advise you on the best scheme layout to suit your requirements for a fantastic retail environment whilst maintaining a practical layout.

Project Management
Our project management and fit out service offers clients stress free completion of a project – from total planning to the final finish. We work on shop fits, refits, minor works, design and drawing packages building control and planning applications. We fit out retail outlets, showrooms, offices, cafes, bars and, of course, hairdressing salons.

No Two Fitouts Are The Same
We understand that each of our customers' needs are as individual as their own business and customers. By consistently delivering creative solutions and quality workmanship since 2006, we have earned our place in the market.

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Hair & Beauty Salons
Having worked in this sector for over 15 years, this is the core business of the company. Our expertise and experience means that we know how salons “work” and we blend our ability to provide cutting edge designs that give the right amount of space for the working environment and the pleasure of your customers. As well as that, a key factor is the durability of the chosen materials. Our creative designs always blend the need for appearance and style with ensuring that the fit-out lasts.

The 'feel' of a salon is crucial and our ability to create relaxed, ambient and atmospheric areas for backwashes, giving clients the feel they need. Whether it be edgy, smooth or 'spa' feel, we can create an environment to set the mood.

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The key to our success is the creative ability to provide a relaxing, yet efficient and practical environment for your customers. Drawing on our knowledge of the hair and beauty sector, healthcare was a natural progression.

Having completed a number of fit outs for opticians and doctors surgeries, our designs have meant patients are calm and relaxed whilst in the them a significantly better experience in a place that they would genuinely prefer not to be in. It's also better for staff as a nicer environment, whilst under pressure, can help towards reducing stress.

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Absorbing the brand, the feel, the vibe...the essence of a business and helping the internal design ooze the personality and energy you require uses much of the same design requirements that are vital in for hair & beauty. It's about "getting it" creatively and developing an environment that truly works.

Having refurbished a number of bars / restaurants, we (as with hair salons) blend our skills in the need for practical "people management" (i.e. the flow of people throughout the bar/restaurant), the creative feel and the durability of the materials that are needed to ensure the design holds up to large numbers of people utilising the space.

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Bridley Developments
Bridley Developments was brought about as our originial background (prior to shop fitting) was within the house-building sector. As we have experience and expertise in planning permission applications, we have undertaken a number of construction and developments work such as extensions.

We bring our high quality mind-set and creative expertise even to the smallest of projects to maximise the benefits of any development from a space, aesthetic and practical perspective.

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