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Benchmark Estimating Ltd

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level 17
111 Piccadilly
M1 2HY

About Benchmark Estimating Ltd

Streamline your estimating
Benchmark Estimating Software is ideal for organisations who need to produce a large volume of accurate, consistent estimates. It is easy to use and highly flexible, streamlining your estimating process and integrating with your business.
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Understand estimating
Benchmark’s Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop is unparalleled in giving your organisation the skill to produce high quality estimates. The hands-on course will help you implement best practice estimating across your organisation.
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Outsource your crucial estimates
To save you time, make your life easier and ensure your estimates are as accurate as possible, the Benchmark Estimating Team prepares and/or reviews your estimates using Benchmark Estimating Software and the Roadworks Estimator.
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Benchmark Estimating is a dynamic, expanding company that always places the highest importance on providing value to our clients.

Benchmark Estimating can be divided into three business units that all revolve around the key business discipline of estimating. Benchmark Estimating's three key areas will provide any business with the knowledge, skill and assistance they need to effectively produce high quality estimates in less time and with greater consistency and control.

Estimating Software
Benchmark Estimating Software is ideal for any organisation that needs to produce accurate, consistent estimates. Benchmark Estimating Software will allow your business the flexibility to estimate how you want, will save you time and will control and capture your estimating knowledge in a central system. Benchmark has been developed with the following key design criteria:
§ Ease of use
§ Speed of operation
§ Flexibility
§ Accuracy
§ Consistency
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