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0871-661 9847
Mr Joe Charlesworth
Unit 2 Glover Court
Bury Mead Road
England UK

About MATtest Southern Ltd

MATtest Southern is at the forefront of civil engineering materials testing, offering the most up-to-date methods for site and laboratory testing of asphalt, soils and concrete.

Our UKAS-accredited laboratories and offices are situated in Hitchin (Hertfordshire), Maidstone (Kent), and Bristol. We employ electronic data gathering wherever possible and are investing constantly in the latest technology to ensure our clients are provided with accurate clear test reports as quickly as possible.

On airfield projects we commit to provide site and lab reports within 4 hours and for road maintenance we deliver reports within a maximum of 24 hours.

Reports are also available to clients via our client portal 24/7.

What We Do

Materials Testing - Laboratory and On Site
MATtest Southern runs a site operations department with a staff of over 50 technicians and support staff in locations throughout the Midlands and South of England, from our offices in Hitchin, Bristol and Maidstone.

Our site staff are highly trained in testing of asphalt, concrete and soils. We employ the latest technology to ensure that we are efficient on site, deliver the most accurate information and can turn UKAS-accredited reports around in 24 hours.

We have experience working on some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects and can respond to any client request, including the deployment of temporary site laboratories around the UK.

Our Hitchin laboratory operates a quality assurance service focused on the testing of asphalt and soil samples in support of our site operations department.

Hitchin is a high throughput QA facility capable of dealing with high volume testing of core and loose asphalt samples to the following standards:
  • Bitumen content and grading – BS EN 12697-1 & 2
  • Maximum Density – BS EN 12697-5
  • Bulk Density – BS EN 12697-6
  • Bitumen recovery – BS EN 12697-3
Our Maidstone laboratory is a specialist asphalt testing laboratory capable of carrying out HRA, EME and Airfield asphalt designs. Our laboratory manager and his staff are well regarded in the industry for their ability to produce design mixes for Airfield Marshall Asphalt, EME2 , HRA and AC mixes. The specialist testing carried out at Maidstone includes:
  • Leutner Shear strength – SHW Clause 954
  • Semi circular bending test – BS EN 12697-44
  • Resistance to Deicing fluids – BS EN 12697-41
  • Large and small wheel tracker – BS EN 12697-22
Bristol is our most recently established laboratory and specialises in the physical testing of aggregates. It is also a base for our site technicians based in the South West of England.

Testing performed at Bristol includes:
  • Frost Heave – BS812-124
  • Freeze Thaw – BS EN 1367-1
At MATtest, we put health and safety at the heart of everything we do. Our laser survey systems are mounted to vehicles so that we can help technicians conduct their work away from potentially hazardous situations on site.

Find out below how MATtest’s survey services are helping our clients to drive improvements in health and safety, save money on road closures and decrease the total time taken for road construction.

Advanced Surveying
As the UK’s Intelligent Materials Testing Laboratory, we’re always investing in our technological capabilities. These now extend to:
  • International Roughness Index (IRI)
  • Sensor Measured Texture Depth (SMTD)
  • Rutting Detection and Measurement
  • Transverse Profile
Laser Straight Edge (LSE)
The LSE replicates and improves on testing usually carried out with the use of a conventional rolling straight edge. Capable of testing for surface regularity at speeds of 50mph, the LSE represents a significant advancement for road quality assurance. Compliant with SHW 702.5. The Laser Straight Edge is also capable of running other rideability/profile tests such as measuring for International Roughness Index (IRI).

3D Texture Meter (3DTD)
The 3DTD replicates and improves on conventional testing usually carried out using the volumetric patch method (BS EN 13036-1 : 2010). The 3DTD tests at 50 mph and MATtest are UKAS-accredited to carry out testing using our in-house test method.

Grip Testing
We employ the grip-tester braked wheel fixed slip device to assess surface skid resistance in accordance with BS EN 7941-2:2000. The grip tester is easier and cheaper than the SCRIM machine and can access more challenging areas. Results can be reported as grip numbers or SCRIM Coefficient (SC).


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