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Unit G22 The Avenues
11th Avenue North
Tyne & Wear
NE11 0NJ
England UK

About ADS Ltd

The company was first registered in 1993, starting from very humble beginnings; ADS Ltd has consistently grown through the years, culminating in proven partnerships with our clients and resulting with installations on some of the most prestigious projects nationwide. ADS has adapted throughout the years in all aspects of the ever-changing construction environment.

The principal director has operated successfully within the industrial and commercial design field with major international companies since 1979. This expertise along with our vastly experienced working team has resulted in ADS Ltd being at the forefront of the design and installation of ventilation systems. Throughout the years ADS Ltd has built up strong partnerships and purchasing agreements with leading manufacturers of ventilation equipment within Europe.

ADS have successfully worked with architects, consultants, main construction contractors, mechanical and electrical contractors, glazing/curtain wall and cladding contractors, as well as the ‘end user’ market. Throughout the years ADS Ltd has built up strong partnerships and purchasing agreements with leading manufacturers of ventilation equipment within Europe. This supply-chain management has allowed ADS to value engineer projects to suit the client’s requirements whilst maintaining our high standards of installation.

From the original enquiry through to the end of the project (and beyond), ADS prides our company philosophy of providing a full turn-key service. We offer consultants, architects, main contractors and end users a service from early in the design phases of a project.
This is achieved by recommendations, innovative ideas and specifications through to on site installations and service/maintenance of our equipment.


  • Architectural Louvres
  • The primary function of a louvre is to provide terminal ventilation to a building, taking into consideration air flow, weathering and aesthetics. The main types of system that we can offer are:
    • Fixed blade
    • Screening
    • Adjustable
    • High-performance weather
    • Acoustic
    • Turrets/Housings
    • Linear bar grilles
    • Sand trap
    • Security
    • Glazing

  • Solar Shading
  • Used to reduce solar gain into a building whilst maximising light and visibility. This creates a more comfortable working and living environment. One of the benefits of solar shading is the reduction in use of air conditioning. Some of our systems include the following...
    • Aerofoil
    • Fixed blade
    • Moveable
    • Sliding/Bi-fold
    • Bespoke
    • Timber Systems

  • Smoke Ventilation
  • When buildings become smoke logged or escape routes become obstructed by smoke and life safety is an issue – different methods of smoke ventilation can be used.
    • Natural Smoke Ventilation
    • Powered Smoke Ventilation
    • Fixed and Powered Smoke Curtains
    • Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs)
    • Fire/Smoke Dampers
    • Door/Window Chain Actuators
    • Pneumatics/Compressors
    • Fail-safe/Electric
    • Smoke Control/Fireman’s Override Panels
    • 1.0, 1.5 & 3.0m² Free Area (BRE) Smoke Shaft Systems
    • 0.6m² Powered Smoke Shafts
    • Car Park Smoke and Fume Ventilation Systems

  • Environmental Ventilation
  • Allowing air to move throughout a building can create a more comfortable living and working environment, promoting a healthy building concept.
    • Natural Ventilation
    • Powered Ventilation
    • Passive Ventilation
    • Door/Window Chain Actuators
    • Control Systems
    ADS have developed a natural ventilation unit that comprises of an external weather louvre, internal damper in aluminium/uPVC and an internal cover grille. This unit also has the flexibility to include insulation, heating coils, acoustic silencers and fan boosters.

For any other questions or enquiries, please contact us!


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