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Caroline McLeod
Manor Farm
North Road
DN22 8NU

About Constructioncare Ltd

Construction Occupational Health Services
A comprehensive on-site service to include:
Primary Care Service:
- Incident Accident Triage /Treatment/Follow Up.
- Occupational Health Services: Surviellance/Screening/Referral.
- Health Promotion Information Education Training.
- First Aid at Work/Defib/Manual Handleing Training.

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  • A national standardised RGN Trauma Trained/Nebosh/CSCS site nurse service.

  • Primary Care/Trauma Care. Occupational Health Initiatives/Education /Information/Training/Screening. To include:

  • HAVs, Dermatitis, Muscular skeletal, Vision, Hearing, Respiratory Health, COSHH.

  • Provide On-Site Occupational Health/Questionnaire/Screening/Follow-up/ referral.

  • Well Man Clinics: Blood Pressure/Cholesterol /Diabetes/Weight checks and follow up.

  • Implementation of “Control of Risk at point of contact” strategy.

  • Legal Claim Prevention.

  • A permanent full/part time nurse to each site or multiple sites, an inducted/trained part time team sourced locally for holidays/Sickness cover etc. NO AGENCY STAFF

  • Standardised guidelines/Policies/Protocols and scope of works for all sites.

  • Patient Group directive signed/approved by company physician to all site nurses for the administration of non-prescription medications on site.

  • Professional Support/ Development for Site Nurses.

  • IT Data system(Data Protected) for the confidential /accurate recording of Patient details/ treatments/referrals/Screening and follow up.

  • Induction Health questionnaire (optional/confidential) to help identify individuals with health issues prior to commencement of Diabetes, Heart, Epilepsy.

  • Provision of On-Site Operative Cards. To aid compliance with OH requirements.

  • Safety Critical works Medical/ education initiatives to highlight the Health of operatives working in high risk areas i.e. Crane, Plant, Confined Space and working at Heights.

  • Maintain COSHH Data to ensure appropriate Information/Education is given to operatives handling materials whilst at work. Maintain a log of all products in use on site to ensure appropriate treatment and referral if exposure occurs.

  • A comprehensive package of health promotional material. Covering all health topics relevant to Industry Occupational Health issues and general well being. Leaflets, Poster, Booklets, Interactive Demonstrations &displays etc

  • Site Medical room setup guidelines.

  • Medical /Emergency Grab Bag set-up for on site treatments.

  • Information and Support to First Aiders on site. Implement training programme were and when required.

  • Site Defibrillator Programme: Liaise with Manufactures

  • Site Health Information Education and Training using company Tool Box talks/Initiatives.

  • GP/Dental/Hospital/Social Services accessed from the community and utilise this service to support and ensure Operatives receive appropriate treatment /follow up/support and assistance when necessary to allow them to continue to work where ever possible.

  • Monitoring of work/non work related accidents/incidents liaise with Safety Managers on site and provide appropriate health/safety initiatives to improve site and operative health and safety.

  • Occupational Health Physician on staff for the Implementation of Full Occupational Health provision at site level. Available to projects 24/7.

  • Provision of all equipment required on site to enable Screening to be carried out.

  • Provide support to the Pc to facilitate simple cost effective implementation of Occupational health Policies and Protocols.

  • Access external Health Professionals to provide additional services to site i.e. Chiropody, Dentist/Eye Tests/ Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Smoking Cessation and Dental Services.

  • An interactive Information/Education Web site for Operatives

  • An 8-5 m-f Helpline for operative on sites without a Site Nurse.

  • Liaise with the HSE to ensure the client is informed of all relevant legislative developments relating to Primary Care/Occupational health issues relevant to the construction industry

  • Support and work with UK Health Charities i.e. Heart Research UK, Diabetes UK, Bowel Cancer UK. Promote Department of Health initiatives.(Please see photographs back of document)

  • Work with PPE Product manufacturers to access Product information/training.

  • Assistance with Client Standard Operating Procedures updates and supports, to ensure all policies and protocols are in line with legislative requirements relating to Health Provision at site level.

  • Create a Health and Safety understanding for all site personnel
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