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Blue Tree Acoustics

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Mr Richard Watson
11 Colley Road
Yorkshire & The Humber
S5 9GT
England UK

About Blue Tree Acoustics

About Us
Acoustic Engineers providing Acoustic Engineering Services, Audio and Acoustic Assessments, Noise Reports, Sound Testing and Air Tightness Tests.

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageNoise Assessors providing PPG24 and BS8233 Noise Assessments and Noise Surveys
Blue Tree Acoustics provide noise assessments for planning applications, including PPG24 reports. Planning Policy Guidance note (PPG24) sets out the Government policy on development in noisy areas. The guidance is made primarily for Local Authorities who should take the content of PPG24 into account in preparing their development plans and when granting permission for development sites.

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageBlue Tree Acoustics are ANC registered sound insulation testers and provide Sound Insulation Testing, Acoustic Testing and Noise Testing
Building Regulations Approved Document E Sound Insulation Testing, Pre Completion Acoustic Testing and Noise Testing.

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageAcoustic Design Consultants (BB93, HTM2045, HTM2008-01, BREEAM, Building Regulations)
Blue Tree Acoustics provides design advice for many types of development including design of schools, healthcare buildings, offices and dwellings.

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageAudio and Acoustic Expert Witness Services (Noise Nuisance, Audio Analysis, Planning and Public Inquiries)
Blue Tree Acoustics have a proven record in providing expert witness services.

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageBuilding Vibration Assessments and Monitoring (BS6472, BS7385)
BS6472 'Evaluation of Human Exposure to Vibration in Buildings (1 Hz to 80 Hz)' is a primary UK vibration standard used to assess the acceptability of vibration impacting on people. The most common use of BS6472 is for assessing levels of vibration from railways, industry and construction. Blue Tree Acoustics provide vibration monitoring and assessment services.

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageIndustrial Noise at Work Consultants providing IPPC, BS4142, Noise at Work Assessments
There are many different noise issues that industrial operations may have. whether it is a BS4142 assessment, and IPPC report or a noise at work assessment, Blue Tree Acoustics can provide it.

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageTransport Noise Consultants and Environmental Impact Statements (CRTN, CRN, DMRB, EIS)
We can provide assessments for existing or proposed transportation noise sources such as: Highways using Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN) and Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB), Guidance on the Methodology for Multi-Modal Studies (GOMMS) and Transport Analysis Guidance Website (WebTAG).

Blue Tree Acoustics ImageEntertainment Noise Consultants and Noise Impact Assessments
Nightclubs, music venues, pubs, bars, cafes, bowling alleys, bingo halls and casinos can create noise impact problems.
They may impact on other units in a multi-use operation and they may impact upon residential premises. Whatever the problem, Blue Tree Acoustics can help.

SAP Energy: Domestic Energy Assessors and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
Blue Tree Acoustics provide SAP assessments and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for new build dwellings.

The Little Red Book of Acoustics - Institute of Acoustics Approved Textbook

Blue Tree Acoustics is the publisher of The Little Red Book of Acoustics. The second edition was released in September 2008. ISBN 9780956001207. The book is available via the RIBA Bookshop, Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones and Blackwells amongst others.

Air Tightness
Air Pressure Testing, Air Leakage Testing and Air Tightness Testing. Blue Tree Acoustics provide certified Air Tightness Testing for domestic buildings. We offer British Institute of Non-destructive Testing (BINDT) accredited testing for compliance of Approved Document L1A to the Building Regulations (ADL1A)
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Blue Tree Acoustics
11 Colley Road, Sheffield
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