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About Rayotec Ltd

Rayotec Limited is a government-accredited company that specialises in reducing domestic and commercial fuel bills.

We were established 25 years ago and have won multiple industry-leading awards for our achievements. We only install the best energy-saving technology to ensure our customers achieve the highest possible savings. As well as the thousands of happy customers, we have many well-known commercial clients.

Solar PV
Photovoltaic (PV) systems
PV systems make electricity from sunlight. This electricity can be used to power electrical items in your house, or sold back to the grid if there is an excess.

PV is the most commonly installed renewable in the UK. This is because:
  • Suitable for almost every roof
  • Great investment especially with government incentives
  • Long warranties on panels (typically 25 years on performance)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No problems storing the electricity, as sold back to grid
  • Very reliable, as almost no moving parts

Solar Water Heating
Solar thermal systems are generally composed of panels that convert sunlight to heat. The systems may be used to heat domestic hot water or a swimming pool, or even to make a contribution towards underfloor heating. Solar heating panels are one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your utility bills and make a positive contribution towards the environment. In fact the amount of pollution reduced by installing a domestic solar heating system is equivalent to taking one car off the road (i.e. about 1500m3 CO2 per annum).

There are two types of solar heating collectors: the conventional flat-plate collector and the more efficient vacuum-tube collectors.

Heat Pump
What is a Heat Pump?
A heat pump is a device that draws heat from the outside and transfers it into your house to provide space heating and domestic hot water.

There are two kinds of heat pumps: air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps. Ground-source heat pumps, which use bore holes or thousands of metres of plastic pipe buried in the garden, tend to be very expensive to install and are not popular in the UK.

Electric Underfloor Heating
Electric Underfloor Heating Systems for Under Tiles, Wood & Carpet
Maximise your comfort and your floorspace with gentle, draught-free underfloor heating.
Simply choose the electric underfloor heating solution to suit your flooring.

Electric Radiators
The Electrical Revolution
Households up and down the country are swapping their old storage heater with new Proactive Electric Heaters. They are energy efficient, produce a comfortable heat when you want it and can lift the looks of any room with their modern classic looks.

Rayotec provide a full design and installation service to help people upgrade from storage heaters to Rayotec Proactive storage heaters. We do a room-by-room heatloss calculation to calculate exactly what size radiator you need. We check the electrics of the property and make sure that it is suitable; otherwise, we can upgrade it for you. The old heavy-storage heaters are removed and disposed of safely, and brand new Rayotec Proactive Electric Heaters are installed and fully set up and ready to go.

Reviews & Testimonials for Rayotec Ltd

5 star review
August 08, 2017
Great customer service and support from Stephen and the team.Best price for the product as well!
Testimonial by
5 star review
October 09, 2016
Recently had electric underfloor heating installed in the whole of my ground floor rooms(60+m2).
From my first dealings with this company I was impressed with their knowledge
Testimonial by
Wayne Williams
5 star review
September 06, 2016
Experienced and knowledgeable staff who don't make promises they can't keep. My 4kW solar system is working well and generating the results they said it would.
Testimonial by
Jeremy Taylor
Rayotec Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.


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