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01295 228219
Wildmere Industrial Estate
OX16 3JU

About Brady Corporation Ltd

 identifies and protects products, people, and premises with high performance labels, industrial label printers, software, safety & facility identification, spill control, Lockout/Tagout solutions and more. Brady helps you create and maintain safer work environments and comply with regulatory standards.

Increase productivity and improve safety compliance by introducing identification.
Use signs and labels to identify location of tools and materials, inform about correct equipment usage and display procedures or technical information to help ensure that the best practices are consistently followed by all employees.

Brady Corporation Ltd ImageBBP™31 Sign & Label printer
A printer that can take on all the different sign and labelling needs of your facility.
  • Fits into any working environment, just walk up and print labels onsite.
  • Large full colour touch screen allows to move and size objects.
  • An extensive library of templates and of ‘pick and print’ labels and signs.
  • Full size, fold down laptop size keyboard
  • Drop in your material and ribbon cartridges and the printer does the rest.
  • Stand alone or PC operation
  • Powerful Software Options such as MarkWare™ Facility Identification Software

Brady Corporation Ltd ImageLOCKOUT/TAGOUT
  • Safe working while doing maintenance, cleaning or repairs.
  • Prevention of damage and injuries
  • Security against errors
Step 1: Preparation - Identify the type of energy used (e.g. electrical or mechanical) and its hazards. Locate the isolator(s) and prepare to “lock off” energy source.
Step 2: Notification - Inform operators/supervisors about the work being undertaken.
Step 3: Shut-down - Turn off the equipment or machine.
Step 4: Lock Off - Lock off energy sources using Brady lockout devices and warn against accidental use by attaching Brady lockout warning tags.
Step 5: Test - Test all machine controls and electrical circuits to ensure energy isolation.
Step 6: Repair or rework - Perform maintenance and/or servicing.
Step 7: Return to service - Remove lockout/tagout devices upon completion. Make sure to warn all workers.

Brady Corporation Ltd ImageEquipment Status Managements Systems
Track identity, usage, safety, maintenance and inspection status of your equipment.
  • Scafftag® products provide system, procedural and legal compliance
  • User friendly, weather resistant and broad choice of sizes in holders and inserts
  • Saves valuable time when preparing safety audits
  • Essential for companies working with ISO9000 clients
  • Choice of sizes and inserts with the ability to customise
  • A small price to pay for a system that saves lives
  • The complete package - Packs that contain everything you need to get started

Brady Corporation Ltd ImageToughStripe™ – the most durable floor marking tape
A complete floor marking solution that includes tape, corner markers (L’s, T’s, & Crosses), foot prints and more. All come in a variety of different colours and sizes so that they can be tailored to a specific work environment.

Superior Durability
Spend less time replacing damaged or worn lines for a more efficient facility.
Easy Application
Quickly lay down smooth, straight lines – without the help of co-workers.
Painless Removal
Remove or re-adjust floor markings without damaging the floor or leaving residue.
Diecut Shapes
Utilise different shapes, colours and sizes for more effective, durable floor markings.
High Visibility
Get the same visibility of painted floor markings – and pay less.

Please contact us for more information about our products and distributors in your area.

All UK orders are delivered within 48 hours (provided that the items are in stock) We operate in 26 countries and have more than 4,400 distributor partners worldwide.
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