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Midland Lift Services

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About Midland Lift Services

Midland Lift Services
Since being established in 2000 Midland Lift Services has become one of the foremost lift companies in the Midlands today.

Midland Lift Services offer a full range of commercial lifts from goods lifts through to stair raisers with a capacity of up to 4000k and a choice of speeds, they serve up to 8 stops with a travel height of 20m.

Our standard “model” range of goods/passenger lifts are designed and manufactured in compliance with the harmonised standard.

Midland Lift Services also offer a range of traction Machine Roomless lifts. The range covers 4, 6, 8, 10 and 13 person lifts with a variety of finishes and options available; Simplex, duplex and triplex options (Type tested by a UK Notified Body).

Machine Roomless Lifts have the entire lift system within the lift shaft. The smooth and quiet driving unit works extremely efficiently with the counter-weight system, massively reducing overall power consumption. This type of system is simple to maintain and without the need of oils that need replacing after a number of years.

What we can do for you:
  • New lift installations

  • Lift Modernisation

  • Lift repairs

  • Lift servicing

  • Entrances at 180° or 90°, depending on available space.

  • Water resistant model with IP65 switches

  • Remote controls

  • Non standard colour

In 1995 the Disability Discrimination Act introduced new laws targeted at ending the discrimination that many disabled people faced. To overcome obstacles faced by people using a wheelchair we offer the solution: 'Don't worry if your stairs are curved because we go around the bend.'

Lift Maintenance
For continuous reliability of your lift, all lifts should be regularly maintained. This is a list of maintenance we offer:
  • Lift inspection

  • Lift general cleaning

  • Levelling and Safety checks

  • Running adjustments

  • Operational functions

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