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0117 315 6207
Christopher Baines
Unit H1 Mendip Industrial Estate
Mendip Road
BS26 2UG
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About Eurostove Ltd

Eurostove Ltd is a family business with our roots set firmly based in Somerset; we have been established since 2004 specialising in importing quality branded European stoves. Our combined experience in the stove industry and knowledge of the European stove market enables us to source exceptional appliances and import them to the UK.

We sell our products through a specially selected group of retailers who are committed to stoves, respected for their knowledge of freestanding stoves, insets and cookers. Each retailer can assess your requirements and recommend a stove to suit your needs. Most provide a complete supply and fit service for peace of mind.

Eurostove are the exclusive importers and distributors of Westfire Aps, Hergom, Jide and Fogo Montanha. Our range of brands offer a distinctive blend of Contemporary Wood stoves, Traditional cast iron wood burners , efficient inset wood burning stoves, Boiler stoves and Wood cookers. All offer quality design and are cost effective to run. Our cast iron stoves are manufactured in Europe to the very highest standards with the best quality cast iron bodies attainable, and all perform to very highest efficiency standards set by European standards today. High efficiency Contemporary Wood stoves ranges are designed for modern living; all are beautifully manufactured and have their own individual style.

Eurostove now run our own Stove Company, Mendip Stoves. Mendip Stoves are manufactured by an established company with a history of stove production, assuring you that your stove was beautifully built by experienced craftsman using today’s most cutting edge technology. Mendip stoves are manufactured to exceed British standards with demand for quality at every stage from its heavy duty steel body to the ergonomically designed door handle, every detail has been meticulously considered. The simple to operate air supplies have been carefully considered so as not only to ensure the most efficient combustion possible but also to pass a continuous stream of air over the front glass helping to keep your view of the fire unimpeded. All Mendip stoves are CE Marked. This means that your Mendip stove has been independently tested to exacting European standards for heating efficiency, safety and emissions.



Stylish Versatility from Westfire for 2016

A woodburning stove is “the perfect practical solution to creating an eye-catching focal point within the home”. Whether it’s for the living area, dining room, kitchen or open plan space, the woodburning Westfire Uniq 23 is its most versatile model yet, as it is available in 26 different configurations with different options to suit ever style and space. The Uniq 23 operates between 4.5 and 7kW, making it an all round stove solution for rooms of all sizes.

This charmingly elegant stove is available in 4 models, each with a number of leg options: Uniq 23 Standard; Uniq 23 Side Glass; Uniq 23 Curve Standard and the Uniq 23 Curve Side Glass, all in a black anthracite finish. The subtle differences between the standard and the curve model take the stove from traditional to contemporary. The curve model has a slightly curved door and top plate accentuating the large glass area and smooth lines of the appliance, whereas the standard model offers a flat door, with curved edges on the window aperture giving it more of a traditional farmhouse feel.

“Another great design is the side glass model, which offers a side view of the flickering flames within. This is available with the two new door options as well as the same choice of the five different heights and the pedestal version. There’s even a striking stand that can be purchased separately for the block base model.”

Chris Baines – Eurostove MD

The flexibility offered by this stove isn’t just utilized by the free standing model, it is also offered as an inset with 3 different frame options, available with the flat door or the curved door.

For more information or to find your closest Westfire dealer click here:
Maximise space in any scheme with Mendip’s innovative “10cm clearance to combustible” gap

In today’s modern homes, space is everything. Not only has the architect and builder taken care to maximise every inch with the right materials, layout and design, but homeowners will also use every trick in the book to create a spacious, airy feeling in the tiniest of spaces. A Mendip stove is the ultimate focal point feature, as not only is it cosy and full of character but it also only needs a 10cm minimum gap between it and any combustible materials.

Every stove on the market has its own guideline, as the stove and flue pipe become extremely hot when in use. It’s for these safety reasons that building regulations are in place, to protect both people and their property. Many stoves can require up to 50cm distance between the stove and any combustible materials but Mendip is different, making it more flexible and space saving.

Mendip has a fantastic selection of wood burning stoves that feature this groundbreaking 10cm minimum gap, all of which will fit comfortably into both contemporary and classic interior design schemes.

The Churchill range is made for modern living and is available in a choice of heat outputs, from 4.6kW to 10kW, so there’s something for every home. Shown below is the Churchill 10. It is compact in size yet it’s certainly big on heat with an impressive 10kW output. It also comes with a large curved glass door for a captivating view of the flicking flames within and for every Churchill 10 design sold, we will donate £10 to the Woodland Trust, helping to plant native trees here in the UK.

For something more traditional, the Loxton collection is a range of cast iron firebox styles that come with a variety of features such as a fully insulated vermiculite chamber, large ash pan, optional stand and a choice of heat outputs. There’s also the Woodland, an award-winning design with large windows and low heat outputs perfect for today’s well-insulated homes.
Stylish Inset Stoves from Eurostove

Ideal for new builds or extensions, inset stoves can be space-saving, clean lined efficient heat outputs with a modern look. With a large glass viewing window, the flickering flames and framed within the wall for a contemporary flush-fit design that offers the warmth and character of a wood burning stove.

Glass fronted insets can be as wide as 1m for an all encompassing feeling of warmth and well being, but smaller rooms can also benefit from the flow of a real wood fire with compact, space-saving 400mm wide models that fit neatly into an existing fireplace, such as the new for 2016 Christon 400 from Mendip Stoves.

Eurostove offers a wide range of inset designs with sizes ranging from 400mm to 1000mm wide and a choice of single or double sided stoves for open-plan schemes; the Loxton 10 inset from Mendip Stoves is sleek and fuss-free with a large glass window, black cast iron door and advanced air wash technology; Hergom’s Sere 100 is a double sided stove that offers a real wood fire view from both sides; Stilkamin L has an even bigger viewing panel, with a 920 x 520mm glass front that offers a striking panoramic view, and for something a little different the Hergom ECK is a corner inset stove that works perfectly on a freestanding chimney breast.

If you’re looking for a squarer inset stove the Uniq 23 inset with either flat or curved door from Westfire is for you. With three sided or four sided frame options, this stove is suitable for sitting high in the wall or in a fireplace as the perfect statement piece for any room.

For more information on any of our range of inset stoves, check out our section dedicated to inset stoves from all our brands:
Compact heating solutions for smaller spaces

Create a focal point in the living room this winter with the compact Christon 400 from Mendip Stoves, an inset stove that is specially designed to fit snugly into a standard UK 16 inch fireplace with the fireback removed. Powerful enough to heat a traditional sized room with its 4.4kW heat output, this multi-fuel stove is only 400mm wide and comes with a cast iron riddling grate system to shake the coals inside, stainless steel milled handle and smart steel controls.

Whilst it’s the smallest of the Christon collection, it’s still big on features with a high efficiency chamber and uses a direct external air supply, making it suitable for new builds as well as period properties. Added benefits include a large viewing window, adjustable feet for easy, wobble-free installation – ideal for older fireplaces with uneven floors – and your choice of a four or three-sided frame to suit your space.

For a luxury finish, the Overton Marfil fireplace surround has stainless steel embellishments on three sides and a polished black marble heart and surround, while the Westhay three-piece fireplace set is a practical and stylish finishing touch.

As part of the Eurostove range, Mendip Stoves specialise in wood burning heaters and stoves made from the finest materials to deliver maximum heat output with outstanding performance time after time. All Mendip Stoves sold include a three-tree donation to the Woodland Trust
Mendip Stoves win big at Built It Awards 2016

With the accolade of Best Multi-fuel Appliance under 5kW from Hearth and Home 2016 and the Best Heating Product from the Build It Awards 2016, the Woodland by Mendip Stoves is fast becoming the most popular stove of the season.

Its impressive 100mm to combustible surfaces at the sides and rear make it ideal for any install, whether in an open plan timber framed home; plaster boarded alcove or a traditional inglenook.

These results alongside the efficiency of the stove make it easy to see why the Woodland Stove has surpassed the others in its categories to win these prestigious awards and become our Stove of the Year.
Efficient and eco-friendly, the Hergom Heritage stove from Eurostove has style and substance

When it comes to choosing a new wood burning stove, there are many elements to consider, from performance and efficiency to quality, design and materials.

With the new Hergom Heritage stove, the emphasis is on creating a unique exterior finish with all the features you’d expect from a leading brand.

This cast iron stove is clad in soapstone, which has both form and function. Due to the high efficiency and heat retaining properties of soapstone, the Heritage provides a sustained heat output, which is longer and smoother than traditional stoves with fewer peaks and troughs. In fact, it will give out a good eight hours of continuous burning when fully loaded and will continue to release heat up to four hours after the fire burns out.

As a natural product, soapstone is environmentally friendly as well as having excellent thermal properties. Teamed with the cast iron frame, it offers a traditional look packed with modern technology. The Hergom Heritage comes with an advanced dual combustion system and AirWash glass self cleaning technology.

Along with the front door, it also offers the convenience of side loading and has a ceramic deflector for enhanced performance. You can also choose from matt black or a blue majolica enamel finish.

Added benefits include a top or rear flue (the latter can be used with an optional cast iron plate on top for boiling a kettle or toasting bread), a removable ash pan for easy cleaning and optional outside air inlet.

As part of the Eurostove family, Hergom is one of Europe’s largest and most established manufacturers of cast iron stoves and cookers. Made in its own state-of-the-art foundry in Santander, northern Spain, they use only the finest materials to produce durable, efficient, thermally effective heating solutions.
New from Westfire, the Uniq 37 offers a traditional heat solution with a modern look

When you want all the benefits of a wood burning stove but a contemporary style to suit modern interiors, the Uniq 37 from Westfire is the perfect fit.

Exclusive to Eurostove in the UK, this new Anthracite curved design features large glass and side panels for a 180° fire view. Ideal for open-plan spaces as well as cosy living areas, it has a flat back, which prevents the stove from protruding into the room. Options include a floorstanding model with handy store cupboard or a pedestal version to raise the flame height.

Unlike many stoves that need up to 250mm from combustibles, the Uniq 37 can be installed with just 100mm to any combustibles, enabling you to house the stove in a smaller space such as an inglenook fireplace.

Highly efficient with 78 per cent efficiency and 7.2kW heat output, it also has a clean burn and is registered for use in smoke controlled areas, perfect for city living as well as rural homes.

As part of the Eurostove range, Westfire specialise in understated wood burning stoves made with the finest quality materials using highly skilled craftsmanship. Forever future-thinking, Westfire harness heat with a natural process using thermal energy and well managed wood – the ultimate blend of efficiency and style.
Award Winning Stove - The Woodland - Makes Hearth and Home Debut

With the months flying by so quickly, it makes sense to plan ahead and consider how to make your home warm and cosy this winter. Wood burners are a great way to bring radiant heat into the hub of the home and will create an eye-catching focal point, especially in living rooms and open-plan interiors.

The new Woodland stove from Mendip Stoves is an award-winning design, voted ‘Best Stove Under 5kW’ at June’s Hearth & Home Show in Harrogate. It won top marks for the high quality of its design, in particular the large viewing window, which, for a stove with a low output of 4.5kW, is rather unusual. It was also praised for having 100mm to combustibles on both sides and rear of the stove, a feature of most Mendip Stoves which enables them to be placed closer to combustible walls at the rear, a great feature for modern timber frame building construction methods. Many traditional stoves can be as far as 500mm from a combustible wall! This also has the benefit that all the heat generated moves forward into the room, which is where it’s needed most.

A multi-fuel stove with sturdy cast iron door, the new Woodland design has a low 4.5kW output, which makes it perfect for any room and as it’s a closed combustion stove, it can be installed into small or larger spaces such as kitchens and open-plan kitchen-diners without a problem. A log-store version is also available.

The Woodland is part of the Woodland Trust offer from Eurostove. For every stove sold, Mendip Stoves will donate three trees to the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading conservation charity. Chris Baines, MD of Eurostove Ltd, said:

“Eurostove and Mendip Stoves are delighted to be working with the Woodland Trust, helping the charity to plant hundreds of trees. We have a huge commitment to being a sustainable business, which includes encouraging our customers to use wood from sustainable sources to power our stoves. We see the Woodland Trust as being the perfect fit and are delighted that our support will see the planting and protection of trees across the UK.”

About Mendip Stoves
Eurostove Ltd is a family owned business based in Somerset since 2004, who specialise in wood burning stoves, be they traditional, contemporary or inset. The Mendip range is manufactured in Britain, ensuring that the stoves are beautifully built by experienced craftsmen using cutting-edge technology. Mendip stoves are manufactured to exceed British standards with demand for quality at every stage. From its heavy-duty steel body to the ergonomically designed door handle, every detail has been meticulously considered.

About the Woodland Trust
The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading charity championing native woods and trees. It has over 400,000 supporters.

The Trust has three key aims:

Plant native trees and woods with the aim of creating resilient landscapes for people and wildlife
Protect ancient woodland which is rare, unique and irreplaceable
Restoration of damaged ancient w
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