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Delta Resins Ltd., with its associated companies, supply a range of products which have become synonymous with quality dating back to its beginnings in 1979.

As such it is recognised that this is a reputation that has to be earned, not only by constant attention to maintenance of existing standards, but by development and expansion to new standards.

This ultimately involves taking account of the demands from Industry and more complex technology. Our quality management system has been assessed and registered to ISO 9001:2000 and we use this as the basis for our outlook on customer service.

Being registered to ISO 9001:2000 ensures that we maintain the highest possible quality through the following criteria:
  1. RAW MATERIALS - All suppliers of critical goods are approved and registered to a known quality standard.
  2. PRODUCT ID and TRACEABILITY - This ensures that all products are fully traceable by batch number to raw materials used in production.
  3. INSPECTION and TESTING - This is carried out on all goods entering the factory and on every finished product before it is despatched to the customer.

Thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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As a formulator we can provide solutions to most requirements. With our experience (40 years in the industry) we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and this is reflected in our wide variety of products and formulations used in numerous industries. We keep high stock levels of raw materials and finished product so we can react quickly to any urgent orders.

It is the stated policy of Delta Resins Ltd. that its products and services shall meet all the required parameters with regard to performance and quality at economical cost. With this in mind, emphasis has been placed on establishing quality consciousness throughout the whole company, from design through manufacture, to assembly and despatch, such that the product our customer receives is of sufficient quality to deserve and achieve satisfaction.
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