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01207 56 68 69
268 Bath Road

About ISO-Chemie

ISO-Chemie Impregnated Foam Sealing Tapes can give you:
  • 100% Air Tightness

  • 1000 PA Weather Tightness (In excess of Hurricane Force)

  • 0.60U-Value, Thermal Insulation

  • 45 dB Noise Reduction, Acoustic Insulation
We are specialists in the manufacturing of foam products and sealing tapes from:
  • Polyethylene (EPE)

  • Polypropylene (EPP)

  • Polyurethane (PUR)
These modern, environmentally friendly materials have remarkable chemical and physical characteristics, hence their versatility. Our extensive range of Sealing Tapes, Joint Sealing Tapes and foams can be used in applications such as:

Fenestration - meeting the requirements for window and door installations
When using the appropriate products and/or systems supplied by ISO-Chemie, not only do you achieve a weather- and air-tight joint that also has both thermal and acoustic insulating properties, but you also comply with the RAL principles of “inside tighter than outside.” As a result, a good room ambience is achieved, plus reliable humidity protection, so that condensation does not lead to building damage.

Timber Frame Houses & Sealing Tapes
We have developed various joint-sealing tapes with large movement tolerances, which permanently and reliably seal expansion joints. These are ideal for multi-story constructions, and suitable for use in areas such as: window and door installations, interlocking joints, roof installation, wall and floor plates, skirting boards, etc.

General Construction - innovative joint sealing for facades, roofs and interior fittings.
ISO-BLOCO joint-sealing tapes are a vapour diffusion open sealing system, ideal for joint sealing between solid, mineral constructions. Pre-compressed joint sealing tapes are graded by different joint requirements into the building classification groups BG1 and BG2. In addition to weather resistance, vapour control, thermal and acoustic insulation, we also have a range of fire resistant tapes for joints and wall penetrations.

Metal/Composite Cladding Seals
In the last energy-saving regulations amendment, air-tightness for the building envelopes was increased. Buildings are to be constructed so that both the building envelope and the joints in the envelope are permanently airtight. They must also conform to the new minimum thermal insulation and thermal bridging standards, to reduce the yearly heating requirements. ISO-Chemie joint sealing tapes make sure you meet these requirements.

Curtain Walling Seals
ISO-Chemie EPDM seals for curtain walling are the optimal solution for metal and glass facade constructions in accordance with the latest standards. The system offers a reliable and permanent sealing for numerous internal and external situations.

Reviews & Testimonials for ISO-Chemie

5 star review
January 16, 2015
Excellent products and services-highly recommended
Review by
Andy Swift
ISO-Chemie. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.




Andy Swift has been appointed as head of UK and Republic of Ireland operations for window and door sealants and air tightness specialist, ISO-Chemie.

Heading up a national team, Andy Swift, who brings more than 20 years’ experience in the window and conservatory manufacturing industries to the role, will continue to oversee strong growth and expansion.

Since joining ISO-Chemie in 2014 as national sales manager, he has been at the forefront of building the brand in the UK fenestration sector, raising awareness of thermal leakage around windows. In particular, he has been involved in promoting the energy efficiency and installation benefits of sealant tapes among sector decision makers and installers.

Targeting architects at the design stage and installers during the fitment of windows and doors, he will together with technical advisers Nick Thompson and Marc Barton, continue to focus on highlighting to the construction sector the benefits of using specialist technology to secure air-tight solutions.

The company’s range of advanced fire-rated structural products such as ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 1” E30, which can protect the entire window area from fire for up to 30 minutes, will also be a key focus in the light of forthcoming changes to building regulations.

Andy Swift said: “The future looks bright despite some challenges and changes in the market. With the current energy saving movement raising voices in governments across the globe, I am relishing the chance to further use our products and knowledge to create more energy efficient buildings.”

ISO-Chemie is one of Europe’s main producers of impregnated foam sealants, specialising in the manufacture of foam products from polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (EPP) and polyurethane (PUR) using the latest production techniques. With hundreds of pallets in UK stock for next day delivery, the company can service the whole industry.

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Reader enquiries: Andrew Swift, tel. 07837 337220, email

Media Enquiries: Contact Andy Bruce on 0191 233 1300 or email
Products & Services

ISO-BLOCO 600, pre-compressed jont sealing tapes for virtually any construction joint.

ISO-BLOCO ONE, Multi-functional joint sealing tape for 100% airtight and weather tight to Hurricane Force. Passivhaus certified.

ISO-BLOCO T-MAX, Pre-compressed joint sealing tape with larger movement for Timber Frame houses

ISO-FLAME, Range of products for passive fire protection of joints and knock throughs in fire walls.

ISO-TOP WINFRAMER "TYPE 1", the "In Front of Wall" installation system allowing windows to be installed in the insulation layer of twin or single wall

ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD, intelligent sealing membrane for construction joints around windows and doors. 100% airtight, watertight but variable-humidity

ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD, intelligent sealing membrane for construction joints around windows and doors. 100% airtight, watertight but Variable-humidity

ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE EPDM, rubberised sealing strips, normally used in commercial window installations plus curtain walling.

ISO-CONNECT HB BAND, combination of DPC and airtight seal normally used in timber frame buildings to seel between wall sole plate and concrete base.

ISO-TOP FLEX-TAPE, airtight jointing tape with exceptional adhesive properties.

ISO-BLOCO FILLER, specially designed for refurbishment window installation in check reveals

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