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Butser Rubber Ltd (Rubber Moulders)

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About Butser Rubber Ltd (Rubber Moulders)

Precision Elastomer Rubber Molders
Butser Rubber Molding has been manufacturing and supplying high quality rubber moldings and customer injection molded elastomers to the international market since 1978. Butser is a key supplier and molder for industries including:
  • Aerospace
  • Oil
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Motor sport
  • Electrical
  • Agricultural
  • Marine
  • Printing
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Classic automobile polymer restoration
  • Classic aeroplane polymer restoration

With 30 years of rubber molding experience we have established strong customer relationships in America, Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom. We supply to the very best. Our precision rubber components can be found on commercial aircraft flying today, and our moldings can be seen doing 200mph on nearly every Formula 1 race car on the grid.

Find out more on our UK site and US Site.

Products & Quality
From custom O-Rings to collapsible oil reservoirs, the only limitation to our product range is your imagination. We are not stockists of 'off-the shelf' products. The components shown represent a sample of what has been and can be manufactured. To date we have made over 5000 different customer product lines. Butser Rubber have a great deal of experience that can be used to make your product work.

Rubber Mouldings
All of our products are the result of our customer's exact requirements. Whether you require a compression or injection molding, we are happy to quote. Our services are from the drawing board to the production of tooling, through to the final components. Butser manufactures over 4300 different rubber molded product lines.

O-Rings and O-Section Gaskets
Custom O-rings and non-standard O-rings to your specification, we can produce O-rings and O-section seals with a cross section of down to 0.5 mm with a .02mm tolerance (with selected materials). We can manufacture non-standard O-rings and seals in a range of materials, colors and shore hardness'. Please feel free to state your requirements. Using our in-house Cryogenic trimming technology and network of laser welding and tool polishers, we can supply seamless O-ring sections for when the seal is critical. Examples: Formula 1 O-section head gaskets, discontinued standard O-rings and specific material O-rings.

Molded, laser cut, water cut, stamped or fabricated, we can supply custom gaskets in a wide range of spec materials, as well as all stocked rubbers, sponges, plastic foams, paper, card, corks and leathers. We can manufacture self-adhesive backed gaskets using a range of glues including 3M transfer films. We are very happy to quote for your gasket needs.

Rubber to Metal Bonding
Whether it is a complex non-conductive HNBR to copper bonding or a simple steel to natural rubber bonding, Butser has the experience, scope and technology to make it work. From one-offs to mass production we use laboratory tested agents and ultrasonic cleaning technology to give your product the best bond possible.
Examples: Anti vibration mounts, engine mounts, rubberized circuit boards, suspension bushes, bonded tires to wheels, bonded rollers.

Butser can supply sponge, silicone, neoprene, neoprene /EPDM sheeting in meter sections or in roll to your requirements. Butser has a selection of sheeting options available. For very high tolerance spec sheeting we can manufacture 12"x12" (300mm x 300mm) sheeting down to 0.008" (0.2mm) to a depth of 0.5" (12mm) from a wide range of materials, specs and colors. Please state whether you require any of the above products with adhesive backing.

H section, P section, square section, silicone, sponge, colored, ribbed or reinforced, we can supply extrusion to your needs. We have a number of standard product lines, but are very happy to talk about custom sections, material specs and die-cuttings. Butser is very keen to supply you with the correct product. We can tailor your section to your needs whether you need: color-matching, heat, flame or steam resistance, food quality grade, tight tolerances or an extrusion that will work in either high and low temperature, please contact us.



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