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Gunning Heating Products Ltd

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01268 545 154
Kevin Gunning
Unit 12A
Durham Road
SS15 6PH

About Gunning Heating Products Ltd

About the Leading UK supplier of Trench Heating and High Output Tubular Radiators.

The Gunning name has been associated with the manufacturing of heating solutions for over 40 years. Starting in 1983 when Mr Brian Gunning and son Gary started up a general engineering factory in Billericay, Essex.

By 1990 they had outgrown the premises and were looking for expansion. They bought part of the Myson Engineering Company and incorporated their business into the larger Myson factory having acquired the manufacturing rights to the heating products for which the Myson company was well known.

In 2006 son and brother Kevin Gunning joined the family business bringing new ideas to an already successful company. Over the last few years we have continually built upon these foundations and become one of the country's top Trench Heating/Steel Tubular Radiator and Finned Tube heat exchanger manufacturers and our customers trust us to deliver quality products on time every time.

Trench Heating
Gunning Trench Heating is the best way of providing a heating system in front of full glazed walls. It is ideal for offsetting downdraughts from windows or glazed walls in your home extension, conservatory, office or anywhere that wall height is at a premium. The even distribution of heat along the glass perimeter prevents draughts, cold spots and of course condensation.

Trench heating is a very discrete heating system as it is sunken into the ground with only the top of the grille showing. Our Trench Heating is the perfect way to save valuable wall space while creating an elegant and unobtrusive heating system.

Gunning Tubular Radiators
Our high output Tubular Radiators are low in height and small in diameter and are great for those small hard to heat areas. The units are manufactured from 50mm steel tube with 25mm deep finns spirally wound under extreme tension at 6mm pitch thus forming an excellent mechanical bond with the tube and giving an overall diameter of 100mm. They are manufactured in five standard lengths of 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and 2500mm long are powder coated black or white and come with valves.

Copper/Aluminium Finned Tube Elements (Heat Exchangers)
They come in 15mm and 22mm copper tube with different size and shape aluminium finns which are locked together to give excellent heat transfer and a variety of outputs.

Although used and tested in our trench heaters they are often used in other bespoke applications but need to be boxed in as they are natural colour and the finns are quite sharp.

Premier Ceiling-Grid Radiant Panels
Designed for ease of Installation and low ceiling loads our radiant panels are constructed of modular 150mm wide extruded 6063 T6 aluminium sections to BS1615, which interlock together with matching 75mm wide edge sections to achieve the industry norm 600mm nominal width for installation into standard ceiling grids. Other widths can be accommodated from 150mm to 1200mm in multiples of 150mm.

They are normally supplied in 600 x 600, 1200 x 600 and 1800 x 600 configurations. However, panel lengths can be supplied in lengths of up to 3000mm if required.

Finished with oven-baked polyester powder paint to industry standard RAL 9010 - 30% gloss white specification the panels will retain their appearance for many years without degradation.

With an increase of conservatories, conservatory heating has become an essential addition to your homes heating requirements.

Due to the amount of glass the heat loss is much greater than in any other room in your house. Adding a conservatory to your home is an exciting project to undertake but it is easy to choose the wrong type of heating. At Gunning Heating we have vast experience in warming this hard to heat area. Whether it be Trench Heating, Tubular Radiators or just our Finned Tube Heating Elements we have the solution for you. With our expertise in producing these quality conservatory heating products you can buy from us with complete confidence.

Gunning Gilled Tube provides the perfect all-purpose extended surface Heat Transfer medium of great strength to withstand all nominal system temperatures and pressures.

Method of Manufacture
Special purpose machines wind the strip onto the tube in a continuous spiral under considerable tension; leaving the fin of semi-flat profile and having a regular crimped contact area. Resulting in a perfect mechanical bond with excellent heat transfer from tube to fin, which will not deteriorate or loosen even in the most severe of conditions. The fin, having a crimped inner diameter offers a contact area to the tube equivalent to the outside diameter of the fin. The fins are welded to the tube at each end of the tube.

Reviews & Testimonials for Gunning Heating Products Ltd

5 star review
September 10, 2019
Just a quick note to say what a truly wonderful company Gunning Heating is. Brilliant professional no obligation advice meant that I got the right trench heater for my project, at a better price than elsewhere too. I've nothing but praise for a company that takes time to provide top rate customer service, whilst selling some innovative and modern heating solutions.
Testimonial by
Mike Rogers
5 star review
June 06, 2019
"Many thanks for the personal and most efficient service. The radiator arrived today and appears to be in perfect condition (and beautifully packed!. If this works the way I hope, I will be ordering more."
Testimonial by
Martin Shallcross
5 star review
February 02, 2019
"I have at last got around to fitting the heating element in the kitchen, what a success. We now have a nice warm kitchen with the unit in the plinth area of the cupboards. Thanks for your help and advice.
Testimonial by
Dave Nash
5 star review
October 05, 2018
"I hope you remember me, we have used one of your fantastic trench heaters on one of our projects in London. We are currently working on another project in East London and would welcome your quick and comprehensive advice as before."
Testimonial by
Lesley Cooper
5 star review
August 08, 2018
Just to let you know the rad arrived this morning around 9:30. I have unpacked it and put it in situ ready for plumbing etc. All looks good. In the next couple of weeks I will take a couple of photos for your website/brochures. Many thanks for great customer service. That’s what its all about! Cheers Christopher Morton
Testimonial by
Christopher Morton.
5 star review
March 02, 2018
"The service provided Gunning Heating was by far the best I have received. Always prompt, professional and proactive. I know i can trust them to provide quality products, on time, every time.”
Testimonial by
Mr G.Langman
5 star review
June 11, 2016
"Gunning heating were efficient and informative . I only ordered one tubular radiator to fit under the windows in my Victorian house, the company was as interested in that as it may have been in a larger order. Radiator arrived well packed and did what it said on the box. Thank you."
Testimonial by
Gill Brown
5 star review
June 05, 2016
"We are very pleased with the trench heaters supplied by Gunning Heating which we have fitted in our new extension. The ‘curtain’ of warm air produced is highly effective and they look very sleek. The quality of manufacture plus the level of advice and service we received is a credit to this family run company. With so much manufacturing now done overseas, it is a pleasure to be able to recommend and support this British company."
Testimonial by
Richard Baldwin
5 star review
May 14, 2016
"I would like to take the opportunity to say how pleased we are with the heater and also with the prompt, efficient and friendly service which we received from you. We have experienced widely varying service from various different contractors involved in the overall project and both the service and product which you supplied were exemplary. Many thanks."
Testimonial by
Ben Cooper
Gunning Heating Products Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.


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