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K W Hyde Ltd

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1 Hamtun Crescent
SO40 3PB

About K W Hyde Ltd

K W Hyde Ltd was established in 1999. The work is specialising in traffic management. In further dividing traffic management down, the fields of expertise fall into the following categories:

- Advice and implementation of temporary road or footway closures and the implementation of crane licences.
- Report preparation for the prioritisation of schemes.
- The design of traffic signs including event signs, temporary direction signs and road signs.
- The preparation of design and build traffic remedial schemes – eg traffic calming, introduction of speed limits. Incorporated in this field of work is also the designing of route based signs. Knowledge of ensuring a route can be followed correctly.
- Speed surveys – predominately speed surveys undertaken by using a speed gun as opposed to 7 day survey.

With my knowledge of traffic signs it is becoming more important to retain the sign on the highways without them becoming stolen. An excellent system that helps to prevent traffic signs from being stolen is the tamtorque clip. The clip is available in seven sizes, the most common being 70-100mm and 100-130mm. Not only is it stainless steel but the tamtorque clip is tamper proof. To use the clip one simply uses a universal channel bracket which is attached to the channel at the back of the traffic sign (in this instance) and the clip is fed through the universal channel bracket around the post and back into the tamtorque clip which is then securely tightened. For temporary signs the clip can be re-used several times.

For further information regarding the tamtorque sign clip please click on the relevant page on the web site.


How the system works

K W Hyde Ltd ImageK W Hyde Ltd Image
1. Slide the buckle onto the band in the direction of the arrow and push around to the housing.2. Thread the band through the slots in the sign and around post.
K W Hyde Ltd ImageK W Hyde Ltd Image
3. Engage the band into the screw housing and screw band through by approximately 50mm.4. Locate the tongue of the buckle in the 4th slot of the band. Screw the band through using a hand or power tool.
K W Hyde Ltd ImageK W Hyde Ltd Image
5. Hold down any excess band just before the buckle is clamped. Finally tighten with the Tamtorque T - bar driver or ratchet spanner.6. Push any remaining excess band through the buckle for a safe, tidy job. Tamtorque can be released and repositioned if required.
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