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Diapol Granite Ltd

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Mr Joel Bodell
Kasesalu 4

About Diapol Granite Ltd

Diapol Granite Ltd

Diapol supplies custom made granite kitchen worktops to private clients in the UK. This web site provides not only information about our services, but it also helps you to calculate the price of your worktop and place an order, too. Just click AutoQuote to choose between different attractive materials and calculate the price on-line. Our templater will show you actual granite samples, so that you can make your final choice of stone in your own kitchen.

What is granite?
Granite is an igneous rock formed 750 million to 3 billion years ago after molten magma cooled in the earth's crust. Granite is a fully natural product. It is quarried, cut to size, polished and will finally be fitted in your kitchen. We have chosen the best granites from quarries all over the world to give you an extensive selection of most fascinating natural colours.

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Why granite?
  • Beauty. Man-made materials cannot match the unique colour, character and beauty that only granite can produce

  • Durability. Granite may last even longer than your house

  • Natural. Go for the real thing!

Why Diapol?
  • Quality. We provide highest quality worktops and accurate fitting.

  • Price. We definitely have the best prices in the UK. Just calculate the price with the AutoQuote and see for yourself!

  • Speed of delivery. We complete fitting within 2 weeks after templating.

Diapol Granite Ltd ImageDiapol Granite Ltd Image
Diapol Granite Ltd ImageDiapol Granite Ltd Image
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