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TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles

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About TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles

Welcome To TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles and Systems:-
TilePlans are specialists for Light and Heavy Duty PVC Interlocking Flooring
Tiles as a Commercial and Industrial Floor or Garage Flooring.

Floor graphics, vinyl floor graphics, flooring graphics, floor decals, floor advertising, signs, large format printing, digital printing, trade show, exhibition tiles

TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles ImageTilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles Image

TilePlans flooring for quality and service:
TilePlans offers a full consultancy service to advise you on their flooring solutions. A national installation service is also available.

Heavy Duty interlocking floor tiles:
TilePlans interlocking floor tiles are easy to install and easy to clean.
UK Made from Quality PVC, they have many special properties such as being oil, chemical and stain resistant, flame retardant, and strong enough to withstand constant use by heavily laden forklift trucks.

Customise your Warehouse Floor and Workshop Floor Tiles with Lines and Logos:
In addition TilePlans can help you design your floor to comply with Health and Safety legislation and/or use your floor as a corporate marketing and branding tool. Our line marker tiles create demarcation lines to separate areas within your warehouse floor, workshop floor or garage floor.
Our clear logo tiles enable you to place advisory signs or your company logo under the clear tile(s), thus incorporating the sign or logo within your floor. The signs are changeable and changes are instantly completed.

Tileplans PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles is an ideal Industrial Floor System.
Feedback indicates that Tileplans industrial floor tiles score highly on a range of key criteria that influence purchasing decisions on the factory floor or the warehouse floor.

Intrinsic Qualities of Tileplans PVC Interlocking Flooring Tiles
Our interlocking flooring tiles are UK made only from quality PVC materials so they resist staining from oils & chemicals & possess flame retardant qualities. They will also reduce vibration & sound and reduce the chances of trips. The tiles also feature a unique strong interlock which can be staggered to withstand the constant use of vehicles such as forklift trucks with heavy loads.

TilePlan cover the following:
  • plastic / rubber floor
  • plastic /rubber tiles
  • plastic floor tiles
  • rubber floor tiles
  • plastic floor covering
  • rubber floor covering
  • plastic flooring tiles
  • rubber flooring tiles
  • plastic floor tile
  • rubber floor tile
  • plastic flooring
  • rubber flooring

  • TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles Image

    Rapid Installation, Low Maintenance and Smart Appearance.
    • Tileplans PVC interlocking floor tiles are easy to install.

    • Easy to clean.

    • No adhesive required, nor any specialist skill.

    • Rapid installation minimizes downtime.

    • Your business image can be swiftly transformed by the appearance of a smart, functional floor within hours.

    TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles aid Health and Safety compliance.
    Our tiles represent an adaptable flooring solution that can help you comply with health & safety legislation. Tiles are available in many colours and your floor can include brightly coloured line tiles to create demarcation lines. This customizes your floor to build in clearly defined work areas, traffic driveways, walkways, hazardous areas, keep clear zones or refuse areas. Warning signs and safety messages can be inserted into your floor using TilePlans specially designed clear logo tiles.

    TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles as a Marketing Tool
    TilePlans clear logo tiles enable you to use your floor as a marketing tool by incorporating your company logo. You can request that the floor be tiled in your corporate colours, thus strengthening recognition of your brand with visitors.

    TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles ImageTilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles Image

    TilePlans Specialist ESD Anti-Static Floor
    Specialist versions of TilePlans interlocking flooring includes their proven and tested Anti-Static Floor tiles range, designed for establishments requiring the control of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Their Anti-Stat tiles are designed to cover low dissipation areas while Conducta-Stat is designed to be partially conductive.

    TilePlans Specialist Antibacterial Hygienic Flooring
    TilePlans Antibacterial Floor is designed for areas where hygiene is a top priority. Offering increased protection between cleaning cycles, the hygienic floor system was launched to help businesses concerned with hygiene fight bacteria such as the notorious MRSA.
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