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Lorraine Carter
W3 Innovation Centre
Queens Meadow Business Park
TS25 5TG

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Dura Tech

Climate change is now an ethical issue for most people and their governments world-wide. And for companies serious about corporate responsibility as well as cost reduction, the Smart Building is now a priority. Intelligent building controls significantly reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint.

building controls work together, autonomously or centrally, to realise substantial reductions in energy consumption from monitoring and control of the building environment.

Take lighting for example. We all know that changing to low energy light bulbs can reduce energy consumption, but they can still be left on when no one is in the room and there is also the residual heat generated. Now multiply that by all the lights in a modern commercial building and you’re not only wasting energy through light, but also the extra load on air conditioning.

In a installation, light level sensors and presence detectors broadcast their readings across the KNX network and lighting controllers switch lights on and off depending on time of day, whether people are nearby and even the position of the sun. enabled heating, ventilation and air conditioning can also use this data to link air temperature to presence detection, keep people comfortable and energy use down.

is the first truly open standard for building controls, which means you benefit from thousands of compatible products from hundreds of manufacturers around the world, without being tied to proprietary protocols.

Contact us now and discover how KNX building controls can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

  • DLC1000 Lighting Controller
    DLC1000 Lighting Controlleris a certified device that meets the needs of the modern eco-friendly environment.

    Housed in lightweight aluminium and using switched mode power supplies that eliminate heavy transformers, the DLC1000 reduces power consumption and waste heat.
    Durable Technologies Ltd Image

    The DLC1000 has nine universal outputs supporting switched-circuit lighting control together with analogue (1-10V) and DSI digital dimming. Two additional outputs provide switching only (for signage, corridors etc.) All outputs utilise Wieland GST connectors.

    Eight binary inputs for volt free or open collector inputs along with four analogue inputs utilising RJ45 connectors.

    Certifiction to the International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3) as well as European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1) and Chinese Standard (GB/Z 20965) ensures the DLC1000 Lighting Controller is open and future proof

  • DLS1000 Sensor Head
    The DLS1000 Sensor Head is a companion product to the DLC1000 Lighting Controller and is used for movement and daylight sensing in commercial applications.

    The DLS1000 has:

    * A small, robust design.
    * High RFI immunity.
    * High presence detection sensitivity.
    Durable Technologies Ltd Image

    In conjunction with the DLC1000 Lighting Controller the DLS1000 Sensor Head is used for presence detection, absence detection, daylight linking and constant illumination. The discreet, cast-aluminium mounting ensures high survivability from accidental impacts.

    The DLS1000 has EN compliance and a long service life backed by a 2 year warranty.
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