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Thinking about a pool? Let us help you choose from our wide range of pools and pool hall finishes. While catering to all tastes we are sure to have a style to suit you.

Blu-pool specialises in the design and building of bespoke swimming pools and spas for our clients. We believe in a policy of inclusion when we create our customer's dream home getaway. Our clients' requirements are always to the forefront when our team of designers work hand in hand with them to realise their dream.

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A Full service and maintenance package is available for both new and existing pools and is tailored to suit our clients' needs.

Your pool is the wellness centre of your home and area for both exercise and relaxation, a feature in any home it is a hub of activity for all the family be it mum and dad’s getaway, to the kids' new found fun park. Each pool we design bears our client's own unique stamp as we ensure they are involved at every step in the process from planning to installation.

Hot Tubs
Hot tubs and spa pools are common heated pools used for relaxation and sometimes for therapy.

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Be it traditional of infrared we can offer you a sauna solution to meet any requirements.
  • Traditional Sauna:
    The traditional sauna is the one most people are familiar with from their local leisure centre it allows you to control how hot you want it simply by ladling water over the hot coals.

  • Domestic Sauna Bath:
    The sauna is a dry sweat room 80 – 95C with very little humidity. It can be constructed from a wide variety of suitable timbers with West African Abachi benches to relax on. The air is heated using an electric heating system on which coals are heated and then doused with water either manually or automatically.

Steam Rooms
Unwind amid clouds of steam, the gentle heat & 100% humidity relax your body, easing muscles and soothing away the cares of the day. At the same time the steam cleans every pore, leaving your skin baby-soft and smooth. There's no better way to feel rejuvenated, refreshed & reborn than after a steam bath.

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Swim Spa
In the last two decades, a new style of pool has gained popularity. These consist of a small vessel (usually about 2.5m x 5m) in which the swimmer swims in place, either against the push of an artificially generated water current or against the pull of restraining devices. The Swimmer swims unrestricted against an adjustable stream of water set in motion by means of water jets, propellers or paddle wheels.

Interior Finishes
As we offer a turnkey finish to our clients we have a range of ceiling, wall and floor finishes which are all designed to work in a swimming pool environment taking away the hassle of trying to source each component individually. Our representatives will be more than happy to take you through the range of options available.

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