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Hardwick Farm
Five Lanes
NP26 5PH

About EcoVigour

The company offers environmental project management and expert consultancy on construction projects from tender stage right through to aftercare. We work with clients to help them manage environmental factors such as pollution prevention, ecological monitoring, waste management, contaminated land issues, archaeology and environmental nuisance.

The company also carries out environmental monitoring including:
  • Vibration

  • Noise - we are currently undertaking Noise and Vibration Surveys at £36/hour

  • Dust

  • Ecology

  • Water quality

  • Health & Safety

The environmental monitoring can be used as a stand alone service or to form part of a baseline study for construction projects, which allows contractors to form agreements with local authorities and establish background levels for environmental factors.


Vibration Surveys
Vibration monitoring is carried out where there is a particular sensitivity from local residences or commercial premises to vibration effects resulting from construction activities. Gregory Environmental can carry out baseline surveys and monitoring while works are carried out to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Noise Monitoring
Most construction and industrial activities result in noise pollution, which can become an environmental nuisance to adjacent communities. Gregory Environmental can carry out baseline surveys and monitoring while works are carried out to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Dust Monitoring
Dust can be generated by a wide range of activities including: construction work; industrial processes; and demolition. There are several methods to determine the level of dust pollution, and Gregory Environmental can advise on the most appropriate monitoring system.

Water Quality
Construction site run off, industrial process waste water, and sewage treatment plants can all have an environmental impact on receiving watercourses, Gregory Environmental not only provides water quality monitoring, but also carries out process design for water treatment schemes.

Ecology Studies
A baseline ecological study is generally required before any large scale construction project, the principal flora and fauna within an area will be noted, with species and habitats categorised as 'under threat' by the EA requiring further action to be carried out, including: relocation; and habitat creation.

Health and Safety
We are pleased to offer through our associate consultants various Health and Safety services.

EcoVigour specialise in the provision of ecological, environmental engineering and landscape contracting services. We are an organisation of professional consultants and contractors working in the areas of habitat management, protected species mitigation, invasive weed control, watercourse management and wetland creation. Retaining a motivated and highly skilled team of employees and dedicated associates we work closely with our clients to deliver project goals whilst maximising environmental benefit and value engineering opportunities.


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