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Paul Kinsella
71 St Wilfreds Road

About Easydriveways

At Easydriveways we make it easy for you to create a new driveway, patio, or upgrade your existing concrete or tarmac driveway.

We will show you what options we have available, helping you to create a project to be proud of.

We have options to create a new project and other options to upgrade your existing base.

Resurfacing black tarmac or plain Grey concrete.

Either way, the aesthetics for your project will create a driveway to warmly welcome you home.

We can install a new patio to help you entertain and relax.

We also offer you a refurbishment service for a tired looking drive, we can bring it back to life and protect it for the future.

Block PavingPattern Imprinted Concrete
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Easydriveways ImageEasydriveways Image


Alternative/Renewable Energy Solutions – Rainwater Harvesting Products


We have found a very simple and inexpencive way of recycling your rainwater from under your new permeable driveway. Is simply catches the water in the tanking layer under your subbase runs it into a sump and then its pumped up through a tap and you can use it for washinng your car or evn watering your plants ,even when theres a hoe pipe ban on,or even in keeping your water meter from going wild,have you seen the price of water and you can save 50% usage with a harvesting system,i pay £480 a year and a sytem like this would cut that in half so it wouldnt take long for you to get your money back aand get half price water!

  • Permable Paving
  • Block Paving
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  • Resinprint
  • Spraycrete
  • Flag Paving
  • Decorative Gravel
  • Coloured Driveway Chippings

Permable Paving
The simple concept of the permeable paving system is to allow water to drain through the pavement, preventing ponding and reducing the risk of flooding and pollution during periods of heavy rainfall.

The problems associated with the failings of conventional stormwater drainage systems have become painfully evident with the increasingly regular occurrence of major flood events. This has been further exacerbated by on-going development and climate change which is estimated to increase the volume of annual rainfall by 20% to 40% within the next 50 years.

As a consequence, the recent European Water Framework Directive now requires that we must manage our water resources in a more sustainable way and provide an enhanced level of protection to water quality.

This requirement has necessitated a fundamental change in the overall approach to drainage design with the primary aim of replicating natural processes.

This can be achieved by the use of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) incorporating source control techniques which endeavor to mimic the natural movement of stormwater from a development, reducing flood risk, enhancing water quality and providing an improved environment.

How it works
The basic systems of permeable pavement design fall into three categories depending upon site specific requirements:
Easydriveways ImageA) Infiltration
It is recognised that total infiltration is generally the preferred design option and should be utilized as source control wherever possible. In this solution rainfall passes through the joints, through the pavement and infiltrates into the sub-grade, helping with ground water recharge. In many instances, due to site conditions, this simply is not a workable option.

Easydriveways ImageB) Partial Infiltration
This option is being increasingly used on low permeability sites where a proportion of the run-off is drained through infiltration and the remainder is discharged into an appropriate outfall.

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