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01664 444 605
Piper Hole Farm
Eastwell Road
LE14 4SS

About Herpetosure

Welcome to the Home of Ecological Solutions - The Newt Fencing Solution!
Herpetosure Ltd is one of the leading national providers of ecological solutions in the UK. As part of the Three Shires group established in 1995 Herpetosure Ltd has worked in every sphere of ecological mitigation. Based around the Herpetosure fencing system we have been responsible for mitigating populations of Great Crested Newts, Snakes, Reptiles, Water voles, Badgers, Bats and Otters. Herpetosure are the only completely dedicated name in ecological solutions

Herpetosure Fencing Solutions
Newt and Slow Worm Fencing
Herpetosure Temporary and Permanent Upright Newt Fencing

Upright Herpetosure fencing systems are available in temporary and permanent options. Ideal for the control and containment of Great Crested Newt populations for short term and long term use.

Herpetosure One
Developed for controlling Way Newt Fencing and containing Reptile populations. Herpetosure Reptile Fencing is taller and thicker than the Herpetosure Newt system, ensuring optimum protection for the more mobile Reptile species.

Herpetosure Snake Fencing
This robust system is ideal for projects involving large Snake species. Despite being tall this system can with stand all weather conditions even on the most exposed of sites. The thickened Herpetosure panels and speedy installation techniques, means that no other system is as strong or as efficient in controlling and containing snake populations.

Herpetosure Water Vole Fencing
The tallest and toughest of the Herpetosure range, this fencing system is specifically designed for water vole mitigation projects. The 6mm think panel at a height of 1700mm is more than capable of containing these heavier and more mobile small mammals.

Bat Solutions
Herpetosure Four Seasons Bat Box

The Herpetosure Four Season Bat Box is designed as an all-year roosting solution. It has been made with varying levels of insulation allowing bats to move between the galleries, depending on ambient temperatures.
All our Bat Box Solutions can be erected as stand alone units or attached to existing buildings.

NEW! Herpetosure Heated Bat Box
The New Herpetosure Heated Bat Box builds on the success of the Four Seasons Box and is designed for projects that require internal temperatures to be maintained between very specific parameters.

Smaller Bat Roosting Solutions
As is the case with our larger Bat Box solutions, Herpetosure can build smaller timber options to any specification. In addition to our own boxes, Herpetosure has developed strong relationships with Schwegler another leading bat and bird box provider allowing us to supply additional products cost effectively.

Herpetosure Bird Boxes
The Herpetosure Design and Build Bird Box Service means that whatever the specification, Herpetosure have the capability to build all types of bird box solutions, whatever the species, population or site, with solutions from small bird species to birds of prey.

Herpetosure Otter Holt Solutions
The Herpetosure alliance have so far created a number of dual chamber, multi entrance Otter Holts. Expertly erected using sustainable materials, providing secure, insulated and inviting accommodation. These Holts are designed to provide optimal conditions for the mating Otter.

Herpetosure Badger Solutions
Badger Sett Creation

Our badger setts are individually designed and constructed to complement and enhance the surrounding physical features and area. We always work closely with the brief supplied by the supervising ecological consultant. Wherever possible, we use natural and untreated materials and the sett chambers are always covered with ungalvanised steel reinforcing mesh, to prevent unwanted disturbance.

Badger Fencing and Gates
Herpetosure have long been providers of badger fencing and badger gate solutions. Our National Herpetosure Alliance contractors have installed hundreds of kilometres of badger fencing either to Highways specification or to bespoke designs on a site with a very specific need. Gate Systems are often a requirement and our teams are well practiced in their installation.


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