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James Jones
Star Lane
Great Wakering
England UK

About Vimpex Ltd

Vimpex are proud to be European distributors for Ogura tools, known throughout the industry for their reliability, power, efficiency and ease-of-use.

With our commitment to world-class after-sales service, Vimpex assures dealers and customers that their Ogura equipment will perform with speed, accuracy and durability for many years to come.

Our spares, repairs and servicing operation is managed from our purpose-built workshop, fully equipped with the parts and expertise required to provide the highest standards in technical support.

Vimpex hold stock of the entire range as standard - including parts and accessories, allowing prompt supply of any item from the Ogura catalogue to any European location.

The Ogura range boasts industry-leading products in categories including:
  • Hole Punchers
  • Bar Benders
  • Bar Cutters
  • Threaded Bolt Cutters
Rebar Cutters
The Ogura range of Bar Cutters are extremely reliable, powerful and easy to use. Both battery-powered and mains-powered tools are available. Able to cut up to 25mm high-tensile rebar, these tools are powerful, safe to use and proven to be robust.

Rod / Bar / Bolt Cutters
These versatile cutters maintain thread profile in rebar and stud and allows rebar rod to be flush cut to a surface, with only 2-3mm showing and no burrs.
This tool uses specially designed carbide-tipped cuttings discs, which reduce noise, vibration and sparking. It allows up to 20mm rebar and stud to be cut with the HSC-20BL and up to 25mm with the HSC-25BL, whilst maintaining the profile to allow nuts and couplings to be attached without re-work or thread cleaning.

Bar Benders
The Ogura range of Bar Benders is extremely reliable, powerful and easy to use. Both battery-powered and mains-powered tools are available. Able to bend up to 38mm high-tensile rebar, these products are powerful, safe to use and proven to be robust.

Hole Punchers
Ogura Hydraulic Hole Punchers dramatically reduce your hole-making costs over conventional drilling methods.

Time Savings - Operators have reported superior performance from the Ogura Puncher versus other hole making methods. One user stated that he had achieved a 75% time saving over the old method of using twist drills.

Fast Cycle Times - Punch clean and accurate holes in as little as 1.5 seconds. A single trigger actuates the punch while an exclusive auto-return mechanism returns the punch to its starting position.

Ease of Handling - Single body, lightweight construction makes these units easy to handle and move with no separate hydraulics. Operator fatigue is reduced since the Ogura Puncher does all the hard work.

Accuracy - Ogura Punchers eliminate the need to pre-drill or pre-punch. To confirm the punch position, simply jog the punch down to the centre mark for the hole location. A convenient release valve allows ease of repositioning if required.

Less Clean Up - With Ogura Punchers there is no messy drill debris.
You get a clean slug that is easy to handle, with faster clean-ups.

Punches Last Longer - Twist drills can break easily and dull quickly. When properly cared for, an Ogura punch and die set can produce, on average, over 1000 holes. Most products are available ex-stock with all spare parts and service spares available immediately.


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