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Cirrus Research

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Richard Cutting
Acoustic House
Bridlington Road
North Yorkshire
YO14 0PH
Opening Hours
08:30 am-04:30 pm
08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm



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About Cirrus Research

Established in 1970, Cirrus Research specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of noise measurement instruments that are designed to make noise monitoring easy and more effective, whilst ensuring that users meet the requirements of standards and legislation across the world.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our marketing-leading instruments are simple to use whilst capturing incredibly accurate noise data for all possible parameters. We’re also incredibly proud our unique warranty, which is unrivalled in our industry, offering 15 years’ protection against any damage. We’ll repair your instrument wherever possible, and replace it if not.

All our instruments are available across the world and meet a host of international regulations and guidelines. They can be purchased from us directly, or through our network of distributors and service centres.

As well as noise instrumentation, we also offer a range of services that help organisations meet their obligations to reduce the impact of noise on their employees and/or their local community. We offer full turn-key solutions for more bespoke projects and instrument calibration, not just for our own products, but also for those from other manufacturers. We’re UKAS accredited for calibration and can verify instruments both from our own range and those from other manufacturers.

Our UK-based team offers ongoing training, support and advice, so you’ll never be left unsure about how to use your equipment or interpret the data it records.

Our commitment to the reduction of noise-related health problems is the reason we do what we do; making instruments simple and easy to use and providing solutions to all manner of noise issues. When it comes to noise, we’re the only partner you’ll ever need.

Noise at work/occupational noise
Environmental noise (wind farms, construction, airports etc.)
Vehicle and motorsport noise
Test and measurement systems

Sound level meters
Noise dosimeters
Environmental noise monitors
Noise-activated warning signs

Equipment hire
Product training
Noise awareness training
Instrument calibration



Products & Services

HK:110A/5 Noise Dosimeter Hire for Noise at Work

HK:171B Sound Level Meter Hire for Environmental Noise

Environmental noise and awareness training

Noise at work environmental training

Noise at work training

Cirrus Training

CR:308/310 entry-level sound meter

Optimus+ sound level meter

doseBadge noise dosimeter

Trojan noise nuisance recorder

Galactus integrated noise monitor

Invictus environmental noise monitor

Revo vibration meter


Name Role Email Telephone
Richard Cutting UK Sales Manager 01723 891655
Susan Rowson Internal Sales 01723 891655

Cirrus Research General Description

dedicated to noise measurement
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