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Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited

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Kevin Cornfoot
PO Box 265
Herne Bay
England UK
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About Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited

Ferrari Fan Technology UK is a specialist industrial fan supplier.

We are the UK and Ireland representatives for F.lli Ferrari Ventilatori Industriali S.P.A. who produce their fans in a modern high-tech facility in Italy.

Ferrari - Industrial Fan Technology from Muvistudio on Vimeo.

Ferrari Fan Technology UK is a company dedicated to supplying you with the right fan for your application, and to provide you with the assurance that our fans will be of the highest quality and reliability.

Our product range:
Our range of industrial fans include direct and belt driven Centrifugal fans, Plug fans, and Axial fans.

Our products are suitable for ventilation in HVAC and industrial process applications, for clean air, dirty air or particulate environments. They can be used as Blowers, Exhaust fans, and Forced Draught fans.

Centrifugal fans
  • forward and backward curved impeller blades
  • ranging from 250mm to 2,000mm diameter.
  • for air volumes up to 150m3/s (5,400m3/h)
  • for pressures of up to 2,500mm wg (25,000 Pa)
  • 'gas tight' versions for aggressive environments
  • temperatures up to 450 degrees continuous are possible
  • in standard steel, 2 grades of stainless steel and special materials

Axial fans
  • ranging from 200 to 2000mm diameter impellers
  • up to 100m3/s (36,000m3/h)
  • pressures up to 300mm wg (3,000 Pa)
  • aluminium impellers in steel casing
  • stainless steel impellers

Ferrari have the approvals and can supply fans for both gas and dust explosive atmospheres.

The products can be supplied for Equipment Group II, Equipment Category 2 and 3, zones 1 and 2 (gasses) and zones 21 and 22 (dust)

Plastic Fans
These are our centrifugal impeller corrosion-resistant fans made of synthetic materials. They are particularly useful within applications that require ATEX classification or in applications that use very corrosive liquids.

Our range of plastic fans are available with EC motors and come in direct or belt-driven for a range of different applications.

Fast Lane Fans
Our Fast Lane Centrifugal fans are available to any customer in a hurry for a fan, all fans are in arrangement 4 and are direct driven. We can offer either WEG or Simotop branded motors suitable for inverter control.

Smoke Rated Fans
Ferrari have the approvals and can supply fans for smoke extraction in fire applications where safe evacuation of personnel is required.

In addition to our industrial fans we supply a comprehensive range of fan accessories, these include inlet and discharge flanges, flexes, guards, anti-vibration mounts, inlet guide vanes, silencers, dampers and inlet filters.

Reviews & Testimonials for Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited

5 star review
March 18, 2024
Excellent service from initial contact to installation, would highly reccommend.
Testimonial by
Paul M.
Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.



Ferrari's Marine Fans

Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited have a range of centrifugal and axial fans for Marine environments.

These fans are suitable for the installation in essential or civil service Cruise ships, cargo ships and offshore platforms.

The fans are resistant to the corrosive atmosphere and harsh conditions, these are the priorities Ferrari set when designing the Marine fan range to ensure durability.

The centrifugal Marine fans are available in both direct and belt driven arrangements and include a case in hot-dip galvanised steel and impellers and inlet cones in stainless steel. The fan accessories are also constructed specially to support the Marine environment.

The axial Marine fans are available up to a size of 1800mm with a maximum of 200kW installed motor power. These are available in direct driven arrangement 4 with a hot-dipped galvanised steel split case for easy maintenance. We can also offer extras such as vibration sensors with signal transmission or an anti-run-back drive and are available for horizontal or vertical installation.

For more information on this fan please do not hesitate to contact us.


Tel: 0845 634 2174
Artic Fans

Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited would like to announce the launch of our Artic range – extreme cold temperature centrifugal fans, suitable for applications needing to work at a temperature of -60degreesC.
Ferrari’s Artic fans can be constructed in a choice of carbon or stainless steel to meet the specifications of the application. We can supply these fans in direct or belt-driven arrangements. In the case of belt-driven, the belts and pulleys would be constructed in special materials to meet the needs of working at lower temperatures. These fans will be supplied with a specialised motor to meet these requirements.
These fans best suit applications in industries such as refrigeration, oil and Marine.
Need a fan in a hurry?

Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited are pleased to announce we now have a fast track list of fans available. We can offer fans from our FR, FQ, ART, VCM and FRX ranges with the popular models delivered in three weeks. These fans are supplied with selected motor powers, all are available in painted mild steel. Sizes range from 280mm to 1120mm. The fan orientations can be selected from LG/RD 0/90/270.
If you would like more information or have an enquiry that needs addressing, please do not hesitate to contact us either through our website or via email or even give us a call at +44 (0) 743 266 3309
Plastic Fans

Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited are proud to announce we are now able to offer a new range of centrifugal impeller corrosion-resistant fans made of synthetic materials.
The reliability and durability of these products make for perfect use for the chemical industry, environmental technology, laboratories, surface technology, the manufacturing sector and education and research institutions, e.g. universities and institutes. Plastic roof fans and the appropriate accessories have a broad range of applications in central ventilation systems for residential and amenities construction.
Polypropylene and Polyethylene materials provide high UV stability and excellent corrosion resistance.
The range includes everything from classic centrifugal fans with direct drive or belt drive to duct fans and horizontally or vertically blowing roof fans, depending on the application. Numerous materials including drives and accessories allow for a broad range of applications including even systems with explosion protection. The available sizes and rotor types make for the right choice of fan for every application.
Ferrari's Fire Resistant Fans

Ferrari Fan Technology offer high temperature single inlet centrifugal fans. The fans are inde-pendently assessed to provide 60 minutes of performance integrity when tested in accordance with BS476: Part 22: 1987 with fire expose form the inside.
They are designed for use with Fire Resistant ducting and benefit from:

• Casing manufactured from double skin steel sandwiched with Rockwool insulation,
• Single Inlet Single Width fans with backward or forward curved impellers,
• Direct drive for low maintenance operation,
• Special high integrity motors,
• High quality manufacture, trouble free running,
• Swing out impeller for ease of cleaning,
• Door locks for integrating to BMS to ensure safe access when fan is electrically isolated,
• Speed controllable with inverter drive.
F400 ATEX Fans

Ferrari Fan Technology are pleased to announce the launch our new ATEX rated F400 fire fan.
This new product is available in limited sizes of our direct driven centrifugal FQ range, handing op-tions are LG0 and RD0.
Each fan will be smoke rated at F400 which has been tested at 400 degC for 120mins, also the fan will be certified ATEX IIB 3G T3 for hazardous gases.
The smoke rated certification meets the EN12101-3 for F400 and can be used for dual purpose of air ventilation and smoke extract in the event of a fire to provide safe evacuation.
Fans will be supplied with an ATEX motor and will be suitable for Zone 2 Gases, which covers where an explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur but if it does will persist for a short period.
These fans are ideal for pharmaceutical or chemical industries, they will allow safe working envi-ronment from hazardous gases and allow safe evacuation in the event of a fire.
We are also offering a range of fan factory fitted features and accessories.
New FRX Range

Ferrari Fan Technology are please to launch our new FRX range of single inlet centrifugal fans.
The FRX range has a new concept in motor pedestal design. Each size of fan has a pedestal which can accommodate up to 5 different motor frame sizes. The concept allows us to reduce part stock and assemble fans more quickly, the benefits for customers are:
• Reduced delivery lead times
• Lower purchase price
• Future proof for motor changes (subject to our assessment)
These fans in direct drive execution with rotatable fan casings are available in 7 sizes from 315 to 630mm diameter impellers with volume flow rates up to 23,950m3/h.
The fans are suitable for continuous airstream temperatures of 100degC and up to 220degC when supplied with cooling disc.
We are also offering a standard range of fan factory fitted features and accessories.
Ferrari Inverter Drives

Ferrari Fan Technology are now able to offer inverter drives when buying fans from us. Inverter drives, also known as variable speed drives (VSD), are used along with the fan motor to either electronically program or manually change the speed of the fan. By adjusting the speed, you can regulate or even change the flowrate volume of air going through the fan.
The reasons people are choosing to invest in inverters along with their fans is to save money, changing the speed to suit airflow demand can save on electricity. By reducing the speed to optimise your process can help reduce your carbon footprint. Also, if you are controlling the acceleration you can control the stopping which will reduce wear and tear of the fan preserving the life of the fan.
The inverters we offer are of high quality and are manufactured and tested to best suit your requirements. Our inverters are easy to use and can save you time and money, they benefit from smart start technology, programmable for daily or weekly settings and fire shut off if required.
All of our Ferrari Fans can be specified to suit an inverter drive to meet your specifications.
There are many features and benefits to using an inverter and if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.
Acoustic Fan Jackets

At Ferrari we offer a range of centrifugal and axial fans which can now be offered with a bespoke acoustic fan jacket. Wrapping fans in heavy duty jackets can reduce breakout noise levels considerably typically by 5dBA.
Fan jackets can also be used as heat insulators increasing safety for users by reducing external surface temperatures.
Our jackets are manufactured using a range of materials suitable for high temperatures, corrosive resistance and can be used both internally and externally.
These acoustic fan jackets are made to fit any type of fan and size. We are happy to arrange site visits to discuss retrofits for existing fans or when you order a fan through us we can supply your fan with an acoustic jacket to best suit you and your performance needs.
FRC Centrifugal fan

Ferrari’s FR range has a new addition, the FRC rigid direct driven single inlet centrifugal fan.
The fan is manufactured to be freestanding, it’s design provides physical protection to the fan case and in this standalone arrangement contributes to a more stable solution than the standard FR range with pedestal. The strong angular frame has predrilled holes allowing it to be bolted into a panel or enclosure.
The FRC has a sheet steel case with backward curved impeller. Designed to continuously circulate clean air from -20C up to 60C. The fan is supplied with a 3phase IE3 compliant 2,4 or 6 pole motor.
The fan can be selected in a range of materials along with a variety of accessories.
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