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About Dyebrick

The Dyebrick brick tinting kit is a color stain for brick and masonry. Our brick color stain dyes the surface, rather than coating it with a heavy film like most masonry paints. Our products are colourfast and will not alter the texture or the physical properties of your masonry.

Dyebrick offer free worldwide delivery on all products and a lifetime guarantee!

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Dyebrick developed the first do-it-yourself brick stain kits in the world. We manufacture all our brick stain products at our factory in the United Kingdom. We do not make products for anyone else, so if it does not say Dyebrick on the pot then it is not Dyebrick in the pot!

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Brick Stain Kit
The Dyebrick Brick Tinting Kit is an easy-to-use brick stain. It is available as a three-part mixing system designed for the DIY enthusiast to produce a natural, permanent colour stain to brick, mortar and a variety of masonry surfaces.

  • Ten standard colours available
  • Can be diluted to produce lighter shades
  • Makes up to 1.8 litres (60 fl/oz)
  • Comes with...
    • Instructions
    • Mixing Pot
    • Gloves
    • Test Application Brush
    • Pigment Powder Concetrate
    • Fixing Agent
    • Carrier Solution
Image Dyebrick tints are a blend of finely ground, inorganic, micronized iron oxide pigments conforming to British Standard 1014. They are then modified to produce the finest brick colour stains in the world.

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-harmful
  • Odourless
  • Zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compunds)
  • Absorbs into and becomes part of the masonry
  • Allows the masonry to breathe
  • Can be applied to
    • Brickwork
    • Concrete
    • Stone
    • Mortar
    • Render
    • Blocks
    • Concrete Roof Tiles
    • ...and more!

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