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About Fivesquared

,a division of Earlsmere ID Systems, the UK's leading Noise and Vibration Management consultancy, has announced the release of its eagerly awaited vibration management software ‘ToolMINDER’ after extensive trials with several of the world's leading manufacturers of power tools and equipment, who confirmed that ToolMINDER is a comprehensive software tool for assisting with vibration management solutions. Their satisfaction is such that the software product has been further endorsed by Makita UK and ECHO power tools and equipment. The release of ToolMINDER also coincides with a new safety tagging system designed to provide direct user advice on safe handling and exposure levels associated with various tools. In addition, the system can simultaneously help reduce equipment loss and aid asset management.

Commenting on this new initiative, Director Jeremy Hoyle explained: 'Vibration and noise are now well recognised as potentially serious problems within numerous industries which, if not adequately addressed, can lead to major health issues. Vibration White Finger in the mining industry is perhaps the best publicized example, but there are numerous others. We have been at the forefront for the last 7 years in the drive to assist employers and operators to accept these dangers and initiate best working practices. We have an excellent track record of assisting employers to deploy practices, procedures, equipment and technology, all designed to ensure that their workforce are provided with every opportunity to undertake their duties in the safest possible manner, and with all due regard for their long term health care.'

Operators Get Latest Information

Expanding on the new tagging initiative, Jeremy remarked: 'As part of the ongoing development of our services to industry we have devised our tagging system to place important H&S information in the most important and crucial
place: at the user interface. Each of our tags is specific to the piece of equipment they are assigned to. They provide clear, concise information relating to acceptable levels of exposure when using the equipment in line with HSE regulations. This enables operators to be totally aware of their responsibilities when operating the equipment and reinforces the training they will have previously received.'

Superior Asset Management

Another facet of the new tagging system relates to asset management. Jeremy Hoyle again: 'Unfortunately, it is a well established fact that many tools and equipment 'disappear' from sites as a project proceeds. We have designed our tagging system to help address this issue. Use of a simple database in association with uniquely identified tags can assist in assigning tools to specific working areas, jobs or individuals in real time. Use of such a system in tandem with irregular spot-checks will enable equipment loss to be easily identified and the last point of use confirmed. Responsibilities can thus be assigned and appropriate corrective action initiated.'

ToolMINDER – Safety & Maintenance Software Solution

ToolMINDER provides a single point of reference to find the best machine for a particular application whilst showing technical data, safe usage limits and noise levels. ToolMINDER will then advise you which protective items the operator should be provided with as well as giving you the option to print out a vibration data label that can be attached to the machine meaning no excuses for dangerous use. All information from different jobs can be stored and kept
for later reference which shows your compliance with the Physical Agents Directive.

With ToolMINDER a contractor can work out what tools are required, which safety precautions need to be implemented and can inform the workforce even before labour begins.  

ToolMINDER is expandable and all your machine data can be added irrespective of source? Manufacturer? And will allow you to add your existing plant if required.

For further information including free sample tags and ToolMINDER download information please contact Fivesquared.

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