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Wallbarn Limited

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Julian Thurbin
Unit 16 Capital Business Centre
22 Carlton Road
South Croydon
England UK

About Wallbarn Limited

We Supply Innovative, Top Quality Products & Services For Construction

Our products and services focus on building envelope, finishes, hard and soft landscaping, protection, waterproofing systems. Our products are safe and easy to handle, fast and straightforward to install, robust and designed to improve performance of the structure and optimise the footprint of the building.

Pedestals & Support Pads
We offer a range of products to assist easy installation and levelling for paving slabs and timber decking on all roofs and terraces. Our product range is second to none.

Fixed Height Support Pads
Fixed height support pads are available as a cost effective solution to paving and decking on more simple designs.

Adjustable Pedestals
For complicated flat roofs or terraces which require a much more high end finish, the adjustable pedestals from Wallbarn, available from 10mm up to 1020mm, are the perfect solution. Terraces built-to-falls can have completely flat upper surfaces without interrupting drainage.

Wallbarn offer a range of decking products. By using suspended Wallbarn Timber Paving Tiles, installers combine the natural, attractive finish of timber decking with the speed and ease of laying paving slabs.

EasyClick and EasyChange are the ingenious new decking systems available from iDecking UK. The hard wearing and attractive Duro Excellence composite decking boards are mounted onto metal rails using the patented clip design from iDecking. There are no visible fixings through the boards and no need for screws or construction of timber joists. All fixing and locking components are included in the iDecking system. installation of decking using EasyClick is five times faster than traditional methods.

Green Roof Systems
A great way of providing an attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open space on otherwise ‘lost’ flat roofs and podium decks.

Green roofs are a great way of providing an attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open space on otherwise ‘lost’ flat roofs and podium decks. They have considerable benefits, some not always considered by developers; follow the link to see the benefits.
M-Tray® modular green roof system is a pre-grown mature sedum roof supplied in easy-to-carry module trays, which click together to form a seamless green roof. Installation is super-fast and there is no mess. It is an instant green roof.

Roof & Structural Protection
Wallbarn offer a range of production layers to prevent damage to waterproofing membranes. They are easy to handle and safe to use and provide protection solutions for bituminous and single ply membranes.

Roof & Structural Drainage
Protecto-drain is a range of protection and drainage membranes made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene. Protecto-drain is used for landfills, protection of foundation walls, subterranean drainage, resistance to rising damp, soil stabilisation and green roof applications.

These tough, flexible membranes are manufactured with a cupped profile, which increases the strength and drainage capability of the material.

Wallbarn offers a number of different types of Protecto-drain, with different thicknesses, cup size and coverings, depending on the type of application.

Geotextile Fabrics
Wallbarn offer a range of Geotextile products. Wallbarn also supplies a sustainable material in the form of RECYCLED POLYESTER MATERIAL. These fabrics are available in a variety of densities and come either as a white material or a multicoloured fabric.

Roof Outlets & Vents
Wallbarn introduces a range of roof outlets, vents and accessories. These products are designed to ensure that gutters and roof drainage outlets are properly protected and waterproof.

Drainage Channel
It is designed to collect surface water off paved or asphalted areas and move that water away towards an underground drainpipe or escape route. The anti-slip, hardwearing galvanised steel grate maintains structural integrity across the area, so foot traffic and very light vehicles can pass over the drain without issue. Our drainage channel is CE marked and fully certified to Load Class A15 BS EN 1433. It is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

The Protecto-drain Drainage Channel is designed to be installed quickly and easily. It simply slots in front of the building entrance or within the paved / asphalt area and provides an un-obstructed channel cross-section. Each individual channel clips together for fast and simple on-site fabrication. It is very easy to cut on areas where a part-metre length is required. All slots and measurement grooves run the whole way through the channel so side bars can also be installed into cut channels successfully.

Anchors and fixing pins are available to hold sheet membrane sin place on horizontal and vertical surfaces.



Products & Services

Hardwood Decking Tiles

Modular Teak Decking Tiles

EasyClick Decking

Hardwood Decking

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Anchors & Fixings

Drainage Channel

Geogrids And Soil Stabilisation Materials

Roof Outlets & Vents

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Green Roof Systems

Roof & Structural Drainage

Roof & Structural Protection

Pedestals & Support Pads

Hardwood Timber Decking Tiles

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