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Carlow Concrete Tanks

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About Carlow Concrete Tanks

Carlow Concrete Tanks can supply a range of standard and non standard high quality precast concrete products for a variety of Civil/Commercial, Domestic, Environmental and Agricultural applications throughout Ireland and the U.K. We have a strong tradition of excellence in the precast concrete industry and continually look to improve our production techniques through engineering excellence and in production and staff.

We operate on the basis of providing the customer with the highest quality concrete products to exceed their expectations.

Please visit our website or call our sales team, we will be happy to help you with any enquiry you may have for any of the following products listed below. If you need assistance with a difficult project and you need structural advice you can avail of our FREE design service. Ask for our Technical Design Department and they can discuss it with you in detail.

Products that are designed, manufactured, delivered and installed by ourselves include:

Domestic / Environmental
‘Biogreen’ Sewage Treatment Systems
Septic Tanks
‘RAINstar’ Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Decorative Boundary Walls (Double -Faced)
Boiler Rooms / Wood Pellet Houses
Swimming Pools

Slurry Tanks
Slatted Tanks
Drinking Troughs
Feeding Troughs
Slot Drains
Cattle Grids
Secure Diesel Storage Tanks

General Products
Control Houses
Road Barriers
Grit & Silt Traps
Valve Chambers
Overflow / Storage Tanks
Grease Traps
Motorway Inspection Boxes
Kelly Blocks
Pumping Chambers & Petrol Interceptors

Pumping Chambers
Petrol/Oil Separators
Effluent Treatment Tanks
Boundary Walls
Motorway Walls
Fire Retention Tanks
Cover Slabs
Screen Chambers
Inlet Flume Chambers



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Carlow Concrete Tanks General Description

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