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Steve Asque
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About Caprari Pumps UK LTD

Water & Wastewater specialists
Since 1945, Caprari has been one of the international leading manufacturers of pumps, electric pumps and submersible motors for both civil and industrial use. Caprari’s range includes products for collection, busting, transport and distributing clear water and for treating and conveying wastewater. The Caprari Group can deal with all the customer's needs and provides the most efficient solutions for the main water and wastewater requirements: borehole pumps, vertical turbine pumps, surface pumps, drainage pumps and electric pumps and aeration system for sewage. 

We are able to satisfy our customers' many different requirements from submersed pumps for collecting water from deep water-bearing strata to horizontal pumps for supplying aqueduct networks.

Over 20 years of experience in the specific sector and more than 60 years when it comes to manufacturing pumps allow Caprari to propose a comprehensive offer for the waste water sector and to provide valid solutions for lifting, draining, oxygenation and mixing purposes. Equipment for controlling, monitoring and remote controlling the processes completes the offer.

In both road and rail underpasses, underground parking lots and subways, adequate and reliable machines are required if man and the environment are to be safeguarded. Some of the most important of these machines are submersible electric pumps, along with the other electric pumps you’ll find in our catalogue.

Caprari specialise in adoptable pumping stations with full project management to ensure compliance with specific water authorities interpretation of Sewers For Adoption 7th edition. Caprari service also offer full maintenance contracts to keep pumping stations in good working order to ensure that the adoption process is smooth and trouble free.

Pumps and electric pumps able to raise primary process water and waste water. Highly appreciated solutions (e.g. by steel-works) using electric pumps with vertical lineshafts and multiple-cell electric pumps. Standardised electric pumps in compliance with DIN 24255 norms.

Water is drawn from underground water-bearing strata, from lakes or rivers and is conveyed to the surface or straight to the areas that need to be irrigated. Thanks to a wide range of pumps and electric pumps, Caprari can cope with all types of irrigation requirements, in both public and private spheres.

Backed by experience acquired with the integrated water cycle, Caprari organises dedicated theoretical and practical training courses where the participants can draw from its wealth of knowledge in this particular sector and become familiar with the products and their main applications. Use of integrated methods, the ability to create web-based courses, plus demo equipment and areas where specific operating conditions are simulated, allow the participants to acquire high-level skills. They also include practical exercises dealing with pump selection, running and maintenance. Under the expert guidance of our teaching staff, you can widen your knowledge about Caprari products and perfect the techniques with which you work. A precious opportunity that will allow you to obtain the best possible results.




Caprari is present at Climatherm 2016 exhibition Lyon,from 25th to 28th november and is pleased to meet you at its stand 3 hall 5.
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