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Edward Hogan
Hogan's Pass
Co. Tipperary

About Hogan Drilling

Hogan Drilling is a family owned business, dedicated to providing customer satisfaction with a service second to none. You can depend on the well trained, highly skilled team at Hogan Drilling to obtain a high level of production while maintaining a close control on vibration and rock fragmentation.

Hogan drilling gives its customers more than 20 years' experience in the drilling and blasting industry and offers cost effective solutions and competitive pricing.

Hogan Drilling offers a diversified and wide range of drilling and blasting services. These include:

  • Quarry Work

  • Site Development

  • Roadways

  • Trenching

  • Test Drilling

  • Face profiling

  • Drilling

  • Blasting

Hogan Drilling offers a full range of drilling and blasting services to quarries around Ireland. Having a variety of drilling rigs, from the ROS 460 to the self contained Atlas Copco L6, gives the flexibility of choice of equipment to provide the required drilling accuracy. Our drill hole sizes range from 2.5 inch to 5 inch.

Hogan Drilling offers drilling and blasting programmes for roadway projects both large and small. Our fleet of high production drill rigs makes us capable of the highest, most demanding road cuts.

Every drilling and blasting project has its own unique challenges, including depth of cut, environmental factors and rock strength. Specialised equipment and quality workmanship assures the client of a cost efficient drilling job.

Hogan Drilling has successfully blasted millions of tons of rock for quarries and civil engineering contractors around the country. The latest technologies and equipment are utilised, including laser profiling and vibration monitoring.
Hogan Drilling monitors vibration and air over-pressure from blasts. We will adapt to any change in drill patterns, number of holes needed, or any number of variables indicated as essential in the overall drilling and blasting operation. Potential problems are identified and assessed and optimum levels of safety and production are assured.

We offer the following type of blasting services:

  • Quarry Blasting

  • Construction Blasting

Face Profiling
Hogan Drilling have the experience and expertise, using the most up to date laser instrument to establish the exact burden that lies in front of the borehole. Getting the details right is imperative in achieving both a safe and cost efficient blast.

Accurate information about the blast geometry of a quarry rock face will have a significant effect on the success of blasting operations.

Using the latest laser, electronic and computer technique, our integrated survey system enables our shotfirers to accurately determine face profiles and plan borehole patterns with optimum burden. Having collected this information, our shotfirers can precisely match burden with explosive charge, optimising blast ratios, not only for each hole but along the entire length of each hole. This results in significant reduction in drilling and blasting costs through increased efficiency. It also allows our client to achieve the safest blast along with reduced vibration and air overpressure.



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